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    (P(I)) Esamir Calender Act


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    (P(I)) Esamir Calender Act Empty (P(I)) Esamir Calender Act

    Post by Eurasia on Tue Feb 17, 2015 1:17 am

    Esamir Calender Act

    Article I: Time
    Recognizing the need for a cohesive timezone in the Region of Esamir, in which many nations operate under timezones that frequently do not coincide with their neighbors, establishes the Esamir Calender, which shall consist of the following:

    • One (1) day shall be equal to 0.57 of one (1) week in Esamir.
    • One (1) week shall be equal to one (1) month in Esamir.
    • Six (6) weeks shall be equal to six (6) months in Esamir.
    • Twelve (12) weeks shall be equal to one (1) year in Esamir.

    Article II: Esamir Calender Commision
    Understanding that the nations of Esamir have a right to individual sovereignty, proposes that there be established an Esamir Calender Commission to adapt the calender to changing conditions.

    Also proposed would be the Esamir Calender Commissioner, headed by an individual confirmed by a 2/3 (two/thirds) majority in the General Assembly who would oversee the implementation of the Calender.

    Article III: Historical Revitalization
    Realizing that the implementation of the Esamir Calender would require revisitation of historical events to confirm their actual occurrence in time vis-à-vis varied national calenders, would empower the Esamir Calender Commission to calculate when historical events occurred.

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