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    Post by Eurasia on Tue Sep 05, 2017 2:43 am

    Emperor Augustus holds first press conference since June.

    The Emperor Himself appeared before the world today in his first press conference since June, denouncing the attempted assassination on the life of President Garagen of New Zealand. Speaking before the assembled press corps, His Majesty stated that "We deplore, unequivocally, this heinous attempt on President Garagen's life." His Majesty went on to say that "Eurasia had no involvement in this horrific attack, and while tensions between the Empire and New Zealand have grown infinitely more disastrous during the tenure of the President, and while it can also be said that Eurasia waited with bated breath for his departure from the international and political scene, we did not seek for such a departure to come about in this tragic a manner, and we offer our condolences to the people of New Zealand."

    Domestically, however, the tone of Eurasia was not nearly so conciliatory. Many mass celebrations throughout Eurasia have broken out, with crowds fervently proclaiming that Garagen's shooting was the work of the gods, and that justice has finally been carried out. In Arbor Felix, crowds of Deosians and Maorists packed the temples, where they offered sacrifices to the gods for what was viewed as a blessing.

    The Ministry of the Frumentarii also released a statement, denying any Eurasian involvement in the plot to assassinate the President. "While President Garagen was no friend of the Empire, Eurasia had no involvement in his attempted assassination."
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    Post by New Tarajan on Tue Sep 05, 2017 9:08 am

    Sources confirm NZ informations; Prime Minister is safe

    Grand Haven.
    What was going to be the most important summit in OMNI's history has been stained by the terrorist attacks against the life of Social-Democracy's President Garagen and the Tarajani delegation in Grand Haven.
    The attack was carried out by a commando affiliated to extremist republicans, who call themselves the "Red Army", and caused the death of at least four people, all members of the security detachments (two from the UKZ, one Tarajani), while also bringing President Garagen on the brink of death. As their statement lately made clear, the selected targets of the "Red Army" were indeed President Garagen and the Tarajani delegation. The news deeply shocked the Kingdom (where, among other things, President Garagen still enjoys great popularity among the public opinion and the political circles of the capital).
    "What we've seen has been a direct and clear attempt at attacking the core of Tarajani and NZ ways of life" former Prime Minister Wali Esther Farah Rumaki stated in an interview just outside Palace Van Telmar-Sigmaringen-Hurris, seat of the Royal Diet. Condemnations came from all over the Tarajani political world, although some have pointed out toward a not-so-strange silence coming from the benches of the Far Right, notorious for its republican positions. Together with the death of a Tarajani agent and the attempted assassination of the Prime Minister and the NZ ally, the statement of the "Red Army", labelling the members of the Royal House Van Vinkel as "pigs" has been perceived as a "capital offense" by Tarajani public opinion (notoriously sensible regarding the Royal House). Both the Landsraad and the Royal Diet issued statements condemning the attacks and announcing their full support toward "any mean of retaliation His Majesty's Government will believe to be necessary" against those responsible. Condolences were sent to both New-Zealand and Zackalantis.
    Of course, the news couldn's leave unaffected the Royal House: speaking in a special press conference, King Friederick Wilhelm firmly condemned the attacks.
    "New Tarajan and its allies will stand firm and strong facing those who wish to destroy our safety through terror" he said "I pray for President Garagen to recover soon from his wounds, and, to all those who have lost a dear one in the attack, I say: you're not alone."
    "I've the strongest confidence that my government will put in place every measure in tracking down those who have been responsible for this horrible attack, and to bring them in front of justice, in full cooperation with our NZ brothers. Our alliance, and OMNI as whole, will find renewed strength in this hour of sorrow."
    His Majesty didn't comment upon the remarks made against his House, nor upon the references made by the terrorists to the links between Garagen and the Tarajani "royalists" as the reason behind the attack. Instead, both points were touched by Prime Minister De Witte-Beulen, who spoke from his airplane (escorted back to New Tarajan with a substantial NZDF air force): "This is not the first time that so-called "republicans" trie to attack and damage our country and our allies. That they chose to attack a reknown republican democracy like New-Zealand is the clear demonstration that they are nothing more than vile cowards hiding their violence behind the mask of a false ideology." he said: "It is time for us to respond to this attack with our best weapon: justice. This is for you, "Red Army" militants: we'll find you, we'll hunt you, we'll crush you. You've attacked the wrong Kingdom, I'm afraid."

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    Post by Achaian Morea on Tue Sep 05, 2017 4:40 pm

    Welcomes Ambassador Karamanlis Back to Morea

    Nafplio, Morea: Sultana Aikaterini II Baumbach-Kallergis expressed the anger common to all right-thinking people when she spoke of her “utter shock and sorrow” that President Naveen Garagen of the Social Democracy of New-Zealand, the host of the most recent gathering of OMNI Enforcer, had been viciously attacked at the conclusion of that world meeting with intent to kill. Speaking from the newly-built Sultan Ioannis IX International Airport in Nafplio as her ambassador to that meeting, Angelos Karamanlis, returned from the Social Democracy after successfully establishing the Sultanate’s position in the OMNI alliance, the Sultana said, “There can be no coincidence that a meeting intent on bringing stability and peace to great stretches of Esamir has been targeted in this way. Intimidation is the most powerful weapon of those who seek to foster chaos and strife. We assure the world that this Sultanate, and surely all of its colleagues in OMNI, will not bow to fear.”

    The Sultana, whose father and predecessor Sultan Ioannis IX Kallergis was murdered earlier this year, added, “President Garagen and the people of the Social Democracy are in our prayers; for the fate of New-Zealand must foreshadow the fate of OMNI in the eyes of the Lord.”

    Ambassador Angelos Karamanlis seconded the Sultana’s sentiments. “In my dealings with President Garagen, I found him to be a forthright and practical leader who nonetheless is blessed with extraordinary magnanimity,” the ambassador said to the press upon disembarking from his government jet at Sultan Ioannis Airport. “While the entirety of OMNI should feel the pain of this attack on his person and his office, I think we in the Sultanate may feel it second only to the Kiwi people.”

    New-Zealand and OMNI HCR to Aid Morea in Bringing Peace, Opportunities to Newcomers

    Nafplio, Morea: As part of the OMNI Enforcer convention in Grand Haven, New-Zealand, Ambassador Angelos Karamanlis has announced that several international agreements were struck that will provide material and financial aid to OMNI members taking in refugees from the various conflict zones throughout Esamir, and one agreement in particular that will solidify the friendship and mutual respect of the Sultanate and the Social Democracy of New-Zealand. Speaking of Sultan Ioannis IX International Airport in Nafplio, the ambassador described how membership in OMNI will create further opportunities for new and existing refugees in the Sultanate through the newly-created OMNI High Committee for Refugees (HCR), which is intended to provide international aid to refugee destination nations within the organization. Furthermore, Ambassador Karamanlis provided further details on an agreement between the Sultanate and the Social Democracy to bring the multitude of refugees languishing in the few underdeveloped areas of the greater Kiwi “Empire” to the safety of the Sultanate’s embrace, while conforming to Sultana Aikaterini II Baumbach-Kallergis’s earlier-stated intention to bring about a migration of refugees in Morea to territories in Oriento. “With New-Zealand’s assistance and support, we will bring peace to these lost people and to Oriento both,” the ambassador declared. “And with peace will come justice, to the continent and to Akakios Doukas.”

    Former-Bishop Akakios IV Doukas is said to reside in Oriento, to which his associate former-Bishop Gavriil Ekklisias has urged Achaian Church devotees to move in order to create “a new Achaian homeland” outside of the control of Sultana Aikaterini’s government. It was the Sultana’s authority, in conjunction with that of her husband Duke Nico II Baumbach of Montferrat, that stripped both former bishops of their legal authority in Norda. The two men and many other officials of the Achaian Church are now wanted by multinational law enforcement agencies in connection with actions taken during the so-called ‘Nordan Mission’ that have since been labeled “abuse and grievous harm to the local non-Christian population” by leaders of the Norda-based Makarian Cult, notably Shield Bearer Luca Todt. The presence of Doukas and Ekklisias in Oriento suggests that locals in the area are likely suffering similar abuse today, and the latter man’s invitation for likeminded individuals to abandon Morea and join them suggests that the former bishops intend to cleanse the area entirely to make way for the Achaians’ arrival. As this land is currently outside of the Sultanate’s legal authority, there is little that Sultana Aikaterini can do to halt the former bishops’ progress.

    The Sultana’s solution is therefore to extend her authority to Oriento through the influence of the refugee population, the (hopefully-unnecessary) arms of Makarians willing to follow her instructions, and now the material and financial aid of the Social Democracy of New-Zealand, whose own refugee struggle is well known due to the public nature of the wars and occupations that have helped to bring it about. As Mystras begins to empty at the call of two rogue churchmen, Sultana Aikaterini intends to follow them with a collection of peoples to whom Doukas’s professed authority will mean nothing, and from whom a region now apparently at the mercy of religious fanatics can find equilibrium.

    “Through the combined efforts of the Sultanate and the Social Democracy, I am certain that the struggles of countless refugees will be repaid with peace and prosperity for our nations, our peoples, and all of OMNI,” Ambassador Karamanlis declared. “With the Lord’s assistance, we may build an example for all Esamir to follow.”


    Zack Delegation Pushes OMNI into New Military Cooperation Efforts

    Garagen Calls for Free Trade in OMNI Meeting

    Nafplio Hospitals Preparing for Royal Arrival as Sultana’s Pregnancy Progresses

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    Post by New-Zealand on Tue Sep 05, 2017 11:19 pm

    President Garagen Out Of Coma - Steps Down From Presidential Office

    Grand Haven Hospital 

    President Garagen, or rather Mr Garagen now, was successfully pulled out of his medically induced coma at 4.27pm today at Grand Haven Hospital, surrounded by family and close friends. Insider sources report that Garagen's wife and children have not left his side since he was first admitted. While the President's status has now been downgraded to stable - low risk, with his recovery effectively certain, one of the injured members of his security detail sadly passed away last night, with the other recovering and expected to be discharged tomorrow. The deceased Secret Service Agent can now be named as 32 year old Agent Staci Morse, a former SAS member. Former First Lady Elaena Garagen, flanked by the couples 3 children, released an official statement to awaiting press late this evening, in lieu of her husband, announcing that on doctors recommendations, her husband would be stepping down from the office of President effective immediately, putting an end to the much loved President's 17 year long reign. New-Zealanders will reminisce on the day the fresh faced 30 year old took the podium on the steps of parliament building to deliver his inaugerary speech, a stark constrast to the hardened 47 year old who lays tired on a hospital bed, no longer able to stay at the helm of a superpower he devoted the best part of his life to build. As his final act as President, Garagen has put forward a motion from his hospital bed to replace the upcoming mid term elections in 2 months with a full election. A devout believer in democracy the former President would rather see his party, who will no doubt be in chaos with the loss of their leader, take losses in a snap election than the people follow a leader they did not elect for the remainder of the term. 

    Garagen however posted a video statement from his hospital bed
    Well, I never really thought I'd ever be making this, so you'll have to excuse my lack of preparation. The past week will have been chaos no doubt, while I remember little of the incident and have been in a coma thus since, I've been given a brief overview of the happenings. As many of you will know by now, I'm sadly stepping down from my role as President, a mere 2 months and 12 days short of beating Jefferson's record, a true tragedy for my ego. For starters I'd like to thank each and every New-Zealander, without whom I'd have never been given this chance to lead such a glorious nation to heights we'd never thought possible. I was only the figurehead, it's the people who did all the real work, and for that reason I'm certain you won't suffer from my departure. In my 17 years of Presidency, I've been hit left right and centre with situations and dramas I'd never dreamt of in my wildest dreams. There have been times where I've sat at the desk in my office with the widest grin on my face, and times were I've stared off out that window expecting impeding doom. Sadly all good things must come to an end, and under instruction of the highly skilled medical team assigned to me here at Grand Haven Hospital, I've had to resign from my role as President to focus on recovery and rehabilitation. Who knows, I might benefit from a little while off, spend some time with my kids and wife, take a holiday or 2. God knows I've seen far too little of them these past years. My eldest is 12 now, 12!, there's going to be a time where they're all grown up and forging their own paths, and part of me is glad I'm being made to retire now so I can spend some time with them before it's too late. But anyway, I'll keep this message short and sweet. I look forward to the future of our country with great optimism and hope, and you should too. We're in a golden age... Actually scratch that, we're in a diamond age. Never has our reach expanded so far, our economy grown so fast and our nation commanded such monumentous military, economic and diplomatic power. The leaders of tomorrow will be just as competant, if not more competant than I ever was. It doesn't matter what party they come from, we are a strong democracy and whomever you the people vote in, will dedicate their lives to making this country better for all. Sure I disagree with some of the things the opposition parties believe in, but that is the wonder of democracy, we all disagree on how, but we agree on intent. Nobody in parliament wants to see New-Zealanders suffer, everyone wants to do the right thing. Who knows, I'll probably be back doing something on a governmental scale in the future, but for now it's time to hang up my hat and pass the torch on to someone else. So yea, I guess this is my final Presidential address of sorts, though it's considerably shorter and more informal than the usual. So one last time... Good Night New-Zealand, Candor Dat Viribus Alas. 

    Chancellor Emeritus On Diplomatic Visit To UKZ
    ---More to come on story---
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    Post by New Tarajan on Sat Sep 16, 2017 11:40 am

    Discussion on slave trade opens political controversy in the Diet; awaiting for Landsraad opinion ---- Hurrican Pierce soon to hit western Aloia: EMA sendin aids; bulletin issued for Tarajani citizens in the area ---- President Garagen out of coma after deadly terrorist attack, official ---- Eindhoven Stock Exchange Indexes: AFIX +0.5% ; FIX +1.0% ; NTIA -0.4% ---- Would you like to know more? More updates and insights on

    Protests erupt at the Eurasian embassy amidst political controversies

    As per every year, today was marked by the annual rally of protest in front of the Eurasian embassy in Astana, against the infamous Julium Indentured Servant Contract Exposition, often labelled as the largest slave market in the world.
    As always, the protests were peaceful and quiet symbolic. What is new, instead, is that small gatherings of protesters appeared also in front of Palace Van Telmar-Sigmaringen-Hurris during the morning session of the Royal Diet, and in front of Charbagh Palace, the residence of the Prime Minister. Indeed, a political controversy is mounting in the Diet after Burgrave Weihardt Van Freiss, a member of the TSDP, spoke openly against the Exposition, defining the Eurasian slave trade as "outrageous" and a "blatant violation of the most fundamental human rights". Although the TSDP, true to its socialist nature, always expressed its discomfort toward the slave trade, it never reached so high a peak before. Also, the fact that these words were pronounced during an official session, and directed personally to the Prime Minister, sparked the controversy. Following Van Freiss' words, indeed, the TSDP has moved forward, submitting a draft officially condemning the slave trade and requesting the government intervention, through diplomatic channels.
    The draft has been temporarily blocked, thanks to the Prime Minister intervention, who once again had the occasion to remind the audience about what has often be called the "Tarajani foreign policy mantra": "We do not interfere in the domestic affairs of foreign countries, except in cases when Tarajani core interests and security are clearly endangered." However, he also had to admit that he personally finds the practice of slavery "deeply immoral" and "particularly outrageous for every enlightened spirit", a reference to those Jahanists intellectuals who are among the most vociferous opponents of the practice, both inside and outside the Diet.
    Despite the successful intervention, however, the storm could still be coming: if the Landsraad should decide to look into the issue, indeed (as asked by many of the protesters), then the Prime Minister would not have the power to stop the discussion. It is not a news that, among the Major Houses of the Landsraad, slavery is seen with unease, if not open disgust; opinions which sometimes became the source of problems, particularly in the relationship with friends of the Kingdom (and its nobility) such as Marquette and Duresia (it shall be reminded that the Major Houses had often intermarried with Marquetien and Duresian aristocratic families).
    Thus, the opponents of slavey now have nothing more to do than waiting for the next Landsraad session, tomorrow afternoon.

    Charbagh Palace, official residence of the Prime Minister.

    The unofficial position of the Kingdom about NZ elections has been made clear

    Before entering the mined territory of the slave trade, the Diet had the possibility to unanimously vote in favour of a letter of congratulations to be sent, through the Tarajani ambassador in Grand Haven, to President Maveen Garagen for his recovery after the terrorist attack which costed the lives of NZ, Tarajani, and Zack citizens, while sending the President into coma.
    The Prime Minister himself expressed his "deepest gratitude to the Gods in hearing that President Garagen is now out of coma". A similar expression of relief was also sent by the Landsraad and, of course, by the Royal House.
    But now New-Zealand is also facing new elections, a theme which has been carefully avoided inside the Diet, but which is clearly prominent among the Tarajani political world. Rumors are already circulating from the corridors of the Royal Palace and the Palace of Government, but it appears clear that New Tarajan would see very favourably the election of Ms. Maisey Jacotey as next president of the Social-Democracy. The lady who's seen as the new natural leader the Liberal Party has, indeed, all the cards to appeal to Tarajani politicians and public opinion,particularly her liberal outlook, perfectly in tune with the wind winding in the halls of the Diet, the Landsraad, and the Palace of Government. While Ms. Jacotey's victory would be surely seen as something good for the Kingdom, however, there're fringes, both inside and outside His Majesty's government, who wouldn't be too sorry in the case victory should go, instead, to the Garagen's successor in the leadership of NZFirst Party, Georgio Magellus. Members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminded that "after all, it was the NZFirst Party, with Garagen at its head, that signed the historical treaty of frienship with us, and that brought New-Zealand into OMNI". The hope, in this sense, would be for Magellus to keep going ahead on the path traced by Garagen, eventually in a coalition with the Liberals. The strong anti-Eurasian positions of the NZFirst leader, also, appeal to those who still see Eurasia as a strategic competitor, and a dangerous enemy of human rights.


    Hurrican Pierce is going to hit Pontus and Western Aloia soon, and New Tarajan has already decided to come to the aid of Aloia.
    "The government has authorized the Emergency Management Agency to deploy all necessary aid, both in terms of equipment and volunteers, in Aloia, in order to help local authorities deal with the impact of the hurricane" a spokesperson of the government said today.
    Logistic support will be given by navy, which will deply one of its amphibious groups to help with the operations.
    "Although we're more than confident in the capabilities of Aloian authorities to manage the emergency on their own, more help will do no harm. And we are ready to go to lend a hand to our Aloian cousins."

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    Post by New-Zealand on Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:06 pm

    Election Report : Liberals score major win

    The Federal election has finally come to a close, with the last of the votes being accounted for. With an impressive 94.3% voter turnout, once more solidifying the Social Democracy as the worlds most successful democracy, the nation has made it's voice heard and the overwhelming voice was that of change. Ending the 13 year long rule of NZFirst with coalition support from Labour, the Liberal Party headed by now President-elect Jacotey has made a resounding comeback. NZFirst was the biggest loser in the election coming in third with only 260 seats, a loss of 250 seats. Jacotey's liberals came in with 450 seats, Jefferson's labour close behind at 410, with the greens, republicans, libertarians and united future all trailing behind at 190, 100, 40 and 60 each. Jacotey has now been officially declared winner of the federal elections, with her party forming a governing coalition with the support of NZFirst and United Future, giving them a majority of 770 seats. Libertarians and Republicans have opted to remain in the crossbenches rather than join Labour and the Greens in opposition. 

    Jacotey has pledged to drop taxes, pursue free trade, increase the civil and economic freedoms of the imperial territories and nurture the economy, putting more money in the pockets of the people. As part of her coalition agreement in order to secure the support of NZFirst, Jacotey has conceded her Defence Portfolio and Vice Presidency, giving Georgio Magellus the role of Vice President and Minister of Defence. The result will likely be well received throughout the OMNI sphere and in particular New Tarajan, who have all but openly stated their support for a Liberal-NZFirst administration. Greens Party leader Eloise Skillet already came out swinging, blaming the election loss on international interference and Garagen manipulating public emotions for stealing crucial swing votes away from the left wing bloc. The comments have mostly however fallen on deaf ears, with many quick to point out that the previous administration headed by Garagen was an NZFirst-Labour one and that the international community had been in overwhelming support of that. In her inaugural address Jacotey has pledged to further New-Zealands international influence diplomatically, militarily and most significantly economically. She went on to assure her administrations dedication to the OMNI enforcer, furthering the development of the Australis Empire, and continuation and expansion of Garagen's beloved "Think Big" infrastructure scheme. However, Jacotey went on to stick to her true blue nature in opening the door for larger private investment on a grand scale, hinting that Public-Private Partnerships would be used where favourable to finance projects.

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    Post by Chackle on Tue Sep 19, 2017 7:02 am

    Protests commence in Southern Chackle, King states it won't last long

    Recently people of S.C have started protesting to bring Democracy back to the country. In 5 major cities, nearly 120 million people took the streets to protest the monarch government, many speculate its due the nations long monarch rule, with it lasting over 200 years. King Comrac stated that his people must stand against the Democratic rebels stating that it may cause corrupt political parties in the nation, and it may ruin the countries good reputation. Chackle has been under Comracs family rule for nearly 80 years and it has been quite a successful run for the family as it grew the nations economy and invested a lot of its money to the people. Chackleans seem to not agree with the Kings statement that a democratic Chackle would be corrupt, they even stated that it would allow many foreign companies to invest into the nations economy. King Comrac stated that he would be sending some of the nations military to observe the protests. The claimed leader of the protests, Klen Tymper, stated that him and a team of professionals would organize elections and further in the year, the newly elected government would start the nations new constitution that would consist of all the political parties would vote apon. With all this said and done, a Democratic Chackle could be a 50/50 chance as the protest continue to gain momentum.
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    Post by Zackalantis Yesterday at 12:28 am

    NEW zealand, OLD habits

    The violence and crimes perpetrated by the Kiwi administration continue in their so-called Empire. The lies of a NEW New-Zealand are fake and we can be sure that old habits do die hard.

    The Chancellor Emeritus of the Australis territories has proved himself to be a despot, he has colluded with the Krans Clan- a notorious gang that operates in the UKZ. We have proof that he has had several conversations with the leadership of this criminal gang and has been involved in illegal arms trade, hiring assassins as well as human trafficking.

    If all this was not horrific enough, coming from a representative of what was just recently called 'The world's most successful democracy' we've got more on this story to make you cringe.

    The Chancellor who was appointed by the NZ government to instil democracy and ensure human rights of the people of Australia has been using his influence with the Krans Clan to crush voices of dissent which he has so easily labelled as terrorists.

    We have found 3 Seargents in the police force who have links with the Krans Clan (KC), Mr. Chancellor has been using his police as a group of trained assassins, this allegation is further empowered by the fact that the police have been involved in the killing of several civil rights activists and journalists in the Kiwi empire.

    Furthermore, a group of 30 Blukonians and 7 Texanians were rescued from Andaman by local police a week ago, 20 Ellarians from Blair, 7 Ellarians and 39 Texanians from Free Britain and Gibraltar. These men, women and children were rescued by local police from their handlers who belonged to the Krans Clan and their confessions have since hinted at high-level Australian government complacency in the human trafficking of these subjects of the Kiwi Empire.
    The men were usually put to work illegally as low-wage labour, the women were forced into prostitution (which is legal in some Zack provinces) and the children were put to work in sweatshops near the New Ireland- East Ireland border.

    It is then very clear that the Chancellor of the Australis Empire is running a campaign of hate and extermination, which cannot be justified under any condition whatsoever. But we tried to find out what can drive a man to these levels of hate and inhumanity and after doing some digging up it was clear that the Chancellor was out for vengeance.
    In an extremely unfortunate and horrific event, his family were killed in a terror attack carried out by Blukonian extremists prior to the invasion of Blukon while he was Commander-General of the NZ Army.

    But someone needs to explain to the man that not all Blukonians, Texanians or Ellarians killed his family.


    Those will be the words Chancellor Emeritus will hear if he steps foot on Zack soil. As the allegations made by the UKZ Express turned out to be true the UKZ Supreme Court has issued a warrant for the arrest of the Chancellor on the charges of Aiding and abetting known fugitives, involvement with criminal gangs, human trafficking, illegal arms trade and Crimes Against The Humanity.

    The Zack Government has however said that if the Chancellor does decide to make his scheduled trip he will enjoy diplomatic immunity.

    The Green Party and Liberal Party are up in arms against the ZNC and are forcing the PM to withdraw the invitation. However it is widely expected that the Zack government might advise the chancellor's officer to cancel his trip.

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    Post by New-Zealand Yesterday at 1:57 am

    Chancellor Emiritus arrested by NZSIS agents following Zack expose, Garagen issues public appology and Jacotey faces first major crisis as President

    SIS Agents with the assistance of local police forces have raided and arrested former Chancellor Emeritus in the early hours of this morning after an almost movie like shoot out with his private security detail at his private mansion. The NZSIS has released a press statement following the arrest and the shocking UKZ media expose on Emeritus, stating that the SIS have been investigating Emeritus and his actions for quite some time, but were forced to rush the arrest after the UKZ Secret Service warned the SIS of the upcoming media expose. In order to ensure Emeritus did not manage to get the jump on authorities and attempt an escape, they organised a hasty raid for 5am local time this morning. Ariel footage from the helicopters show forces moving in and surrounding the mansion as the crack of dawn, and engaging private security personnel in an intense firefight before finally apprehending Emeritus after a nearly 3 hour long stand off. SIS Director Peter Shiply has all but confirmed the claims of the Zack media outlet, stating that the agency has been in the midst of a large scale operation to gather solid evidence and take down the pervascent criminal market of the imperial dependencies and Emeritus who was implicit in it. Emeritus is set to appear in the Haven Federal High Court tomorrow morning, charged with treason, first degree corruption, human trafficking, money laundering as well as 43 other associated charges. Emeritus now faces the possibility of life imprisonment in Federal Prison, but it is understood his defence will attempt to reduce the sentence through campassionate grounds and psychological instability following the emotional trauma of his families death. 

    Former President Naveen Garagen, who appointed and endorsed Emeritus as Chancellor following his exceptional military career has issued a public appology acceting responsibility for his incorrect decision in appointing the former Chancellor. Garagen has also confirmed that he was aware of the investigation, which has been going for over a year, and went on to state that the Imperial Dependencies of the Australis Empire are poisoned with greed and festering under the strain of corruption and inefficiency. He went on to state that the decision was made to leave Emeritus as Chancellor as the SIS were using him as a valuable trail to seek out and gather information on the rest of the crime syndicates opperating in the dependencies. The plan, it seems, was to strike them all down with one massive blow.

    President Maisey Jacotey has officially stripped Emeritus of his Chancellorship and dishonourably discharged him from all government and military service for the duration of the trial and onwards should he be found guilty. She has also issued a presidential order for the trial to be fast tracked in order for the matter to be resolved as quickly as possible. In a statement she has called the allegations deeply troubling and vowed to make cleaning up the imperial dependencies and ending the corruption and criminal underworld that has thrives one of her top priorities. She went on to point out the irony in how the Social Democracy has the lowest corruption rate in the world world as the Social Democracy and the Federal Government failing the imperial dependencies. This major scandel comes just 4 days into her Presidency, and it will be interesting to see how she is able to cope. So far she has provided a strong response, openly stating her intentions to take the situation and matter at hand exceptionally seriously.

    The SIS have released a follow up report detailing the current status of the imperial dependencies. It seems that the regions of Blukon North and South have effectively failed, with rampant corruption and a pervacent black market surpassing anything we could've previously imagined. That said the report indicates that the Regions of East Ireland and Texania are relatively better off. None of the criminal syndicates or unfavourable elements however have tried to spread to the Social Democracy, presumably as a direct result of the Social Democracy's strong immigration databasing and the syndicates themselves not willing to ring any alarm bells. Any hope of the federal government loosening immigration privilages from the imperial dependencies has been delayed indefinitely as a result of this revelation. However the SIS is confident that under strong and honest chancellorship combined with a invasive SIS operation, the criminal syndicates can be eliminated and corruption tackled. Regardless, this will be a long drawn process and take a decade at the least to fully stabilise the affected regions. 

    Following the followup SIS report, the Senate is now calling for the temporary reinstatent of capitol punishment in the dependencies, in particular for first degree corruption and organized crime. There is also a strong push for Jacotey to take decisive action and instate a new Chancellor posthaste, with concerns that leaving the dependencies without a head will let the criminal sector run wild. It is understood that President Jacotey has convened an emergency cabinet meeting to address the issue, but little is yet known on the matter. Garagen, High Commander Shepard and Commissioner-General Gordon were also seen arriving at capitol hill for the emergency meeting, presumably at the requet of the President. At the very least this show of unity and immediate action will serve as a warning to the criminal enterprise, as the Social Democracy prepares to wage its next war. The war on crime.

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