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    Post by New-Zealand on Wed Mar 21, 2018 9:21 pm

    Highly Successful Aloian State Visit

    New Brighton skyline (Top), Mechant fleet in the waters east of Hope Strait with New Brighton in the background (Left), Halfmoon Naval Base (Right)

    The Aloian state visit to New-Zealand has proved highly successful, with the re-signing of the Nelson Accord once more granting Aloia a 99-year extension to their lease over New Brighton for the paltry non inflated sum of $7,300. Since it's acquisition in late 1918, the island of New Brighton has grown from a uninhabited island off the coast of New-Zealand to a thriving city state of 6 million. New Brighton is now a global commerce, finance and transport hub. Thanks to it's close proximity to New-Zealand much of the kiwi merchant fleet has taken to registering New Brighton as their home port, using their waters to anchor down before finally making their journey through the Hope Strait, into the Zelandic Sea and onwards to once of New-Zealands "eastern" ports. New Brighton is also home to Halfmoon Naval Base, which houses a substantial portion of the First Antacostian Fleet. In recent years the First Antacostian Fleet has invaluable in aiding the New-Zeleand Navy's Eastern Fleet in their fight against piracy on vital trade routes to the north of New Brighton. It is for these reasons that it is hardly surprising New-Zealand was all too happy to extend the lease of New Brighton. Quite frankly any attempts to change or handover the lease back to New-Zealand would be suicidal on the Social Democracy's part. It did however come to a slightly surprise that Solidarity supported the President's motion in congress to officially have the Nelson Accord given a right of renewal, where it had previously been implied but not explicitly stated. Under this ruling, the Aloian Government has the legal right to have their lease renewed as long as they have honored and complied with the preconditions stated in the latest lease agreement. Should the New-Zealand Government wish to not renew the lease, they must prove in a supreme court case against Aloian defense that they violated the preconditions of the lease. While to many this may seem as a move that gains the Social Democracy nothing, we can assume that this was gesture of goodwill or a part of other closed door negotiations with the Aloian delegation. 

    In addition to this, Queen Victoria and Chancellor Nelson have both met with President Jacotey and opposition leader Jack Anderson on separate occasions, with inside sources reporting that all were in good spirits. That said the Queen and Chancellor did as expected spend considerably more time with the President. In the background to all of these pleasantries delegations from both nations toiled away to further trade and defense alliances between the two nations, with considerable progress being made towards dropping visa restrictions to allow easier flow between the two nations for work, education and tourism. 

    "No intention to surrender East Ireland" - Jacotey
    Belfast, capital of East Ireland

    President Jacotey has shown her teeth for the first time in her leadership, coming out swinging against Sinn Fein and other ultra nationalistic Irish political movements. In a rousing speech delivered live today from the Executive Office, Jacotey pledged to the people of New Ireland that the rest of the Social Democracy is committed to them and committed to keeping East Ireland an autonomous part of the Social Democracy. The most recent polling shows support rates of 84% for remaining in the Social Democracy, and only 12% against. Jacotey pledged to move heaven and earth to protect her constituents should it be necessary, hinting that military action may be used should the United Ireland Pact or any of the Zack Irish ultra-nationalist groups attempt to forcefully take over East Ireland. Jacotey went on to also support Zack Ireland and denounced United Ireland as an ultra-nationalist revolutionary force with no regard for the well being and long term prosperity of Ireland, which has thrived since the partition. The Social Democracy has poured countless resources into East Ireland, bank rolling and bailing out the crumbling economy. In a short 5 years East Irelands economy has gone from a basket case to a growing first world economy, with thriving ports and a world leading shipbuilding industry based out of Belfast. In fact the bailed out Harland and Wolff shipbuilding company has began paying off it's debts and secured numerous lucrative contracts from commercial lines as well as the NZ Coast Guard to build 12 Dexter-Class National Security Cutters. The NZ Navy also has a foward operations base in Belfast, which is currently the home port of 5 Sentinel-class destroyers alongside other support vessels. Their current role is mostly to patrol and protect the trade routes in that area from pirate activity. While Jacotey has made no move to bolster NZ presence in the region, it has been hinted that should tensions rise and the threats of aggression be made, the Social Democracy will respond by increasing their military presence in the area as a precautionary defense measure. Jacotey has also all but ruled out any chance of attending talks with United Ireland leaders, stating that should they wish to meet it will only be on New-Zealand or neutral soil, and only with the support of the Zack governance. Jacotey made it a point to reiterate that the Social Democracy stands firmly behind the people of East Ireland and it's Zack ally. 
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    Post by New Ireland and Wales on Thu Mar 22, 2018 6:55 am

    Collins Slams New Zealand

    Sinn Fein President and hopeful Prime Minister of a United Ireland Edward Collins slammed New Zealand and its President in a speech to a group of supporters in Cork, Ireland. This comes after New Zealand sounded its refusal to give over Irish lands and threatened military action.

    "How dare they. How dare they threaten military action against us! How dare they refuse to give Irishmen and Irishwomen their land back! How dare they trash this movement as some nutcase ultra-nationalist movement! This is what dirty imperialism looks like. You take a country's land and when the people of that country try and get it back in the fight for self-determination you slam them, slander them, and threaten them.

    In the past, Irish leaders messed up. We lost sight of the struggle of Irish people in their fight for freedom, justice, and equality. Our leaders looked to themselves and not to the Irish people. We didn't solve problems. And when the going got rough we gave up. We, as leaders of the Irish people and citizens of the Irish nation, have learned this the hard way. We have seen our country torn apart by two imperialistic nations who refuse to give up land that isn't there's. This can not continue. I assure you if they had to kill every single Irishman and woman to save just one of their citizens, they would. They do not care for the Irish people they care for our land and resources.

    They call us ultra-nationalistic to try and put this movement in a bad light. Nationalism would be if we believed our nation was so supreme it had the right to take over other countries and then refuse to give over that land. What we are doing is begging for the right to control our own ways once again. Ireland is a place for all people of all races, genders, sexualities, socioeconomic backgrounds, nationalities, etc. But it must be governed by Irish laws and an Irish parliament. Not foreign laws and foreign parliaments. They do not know what it's like to be Irish so how can they actually govern us? They can not and they should not.

    They threaten the Irish way of life if we do not submit to their imperialistic nature and laws. They give out FAKE poll numbers to make us think that they have large support. WE will not stand for it. I want to meet with the leaders of the UKZ and New Zealand because Irish lands should belong to Irish people, and be governed by Irish laws passed in an Irish parliament. "


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    Post by New-Zealand on Fri Mar 23, 2018 9:43 pm

    Governor Patterson Throws Support Behind Jacotey   

    Governor Siobhan Patterson has of East Ireland (pictured above at her swearing in ceremony) has thrown her support behind the Social Democracy and President Maisie Jacotey. Patterson denounced the unification calls of Collins and his "sensationalist bandwagon of misled fools" as being ill conceived and unnecessary. Patterson went on to reiterate that East Ireland is an autonomous principality of the Social Democracy and still retains it's identity, self determinant and freedom. Patterson of the Unionist Democratic Party has won both elections since the partition of Ireland, and currently rules with a majority coalition with the Social Democratic and Labour Party and the Progressive Party. In fact the only one of the 6 parties in parliament to oppose the Social Democracy is the Separatist Front which only holds 1 seat in parliament, an electorate seat won by it's leader in his home town. Furthermore Patterson had a scathing response to Collins' claims that the opinion polls quoted by Jacotey were fake and presumably rigged, calling the Sinn Fein leader and spoiled child out of touch with reality. Overall the tone of the speech was fairly blunt, East Ireland does not want to leave the Social Democracy and they are more than happy to continue to exist as an independent principality under the Social Democracy's umbrella. The crucial aspect of the speech however was when Patterson went on to turn Collins' own argument against himself. At points pointedly repeating his exact speech word for word, substituting Ireland for East Ireland and New-Zealand for United Ireland. 

    The world watches for Collins' next move, now that it is apparent neither East Ireland or New-Zealand are willing to play ball, much like the UKZ. While Collins' may be gaining some traction in parts of Zack Ireland, he has so far failed to make any significant progress in converting the people of East Ireland to his cause. Many question whether Collins' will gracefully back down or attempt to force East Ireland and ultimately the Social Democracy's hands. Inside reports indicate that the East Irish People's Militia, the East Irish Police Force and ofcouse the NZDF are all watching the rising tensions with keen interest. As has been said before the Social Democracy is more than happy to bolster it's forces in the region but it is understood the East Irish administration and Governor Patterson in particular would prefer to use their own people where possible. Worrying that should there be a large influx of kiwi forces in the area public opinion may swing out of favour with the Social Democracy.
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    Post by Zackalantis on Sat Mar 24, 2018 5:25 pm


    The Rt. Hon. Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Her Majesty's Prime Minister and also Minister of External Affairs made a statement on the last day of parliament before the house broke for the Easter recess.
    In a question directed at the Ministry of External Affairs by the Rt.Hon. Member of Glasgow North-West (Scottish National Party) regarding the issue of Zack Ireland, the PM said this,
    "Let us not forget that it was Ireland that attacked us. They underestimated our power and prowess and they had no regard for international law and order.
    Our occupation came was committed to end the hostilities and was aimed at eventually handing over authority to the Irish people following which our two nations could live in peace and cooperation.
    New-Zealand helped us greatly in our time of need, and also helped the Irish people attain the ideals of freedom and democracy.
    My government is ready to hand over Zack Ireland to the Irish, but not before the last of the scheduled referendums. It is of great importance to realize that South Ireland (Free Britain) might want to join us as our newest presidency, and in the true spirit of democracy, we must give them that opportunity.

    But currently, in order to cool tensions, we have invited Irish leadership, COZI, and the New-Zealand government to Cair Paravel to discuss the issue at length.
    I would like to take this opportunity to reassure the New-Zealand government that these talks are completely and wholly supported by the Zack Government and I urge them to send their representatives to our constitutional capital to sort this matter out because it has been too long and it is about time we wrap up the Irish conflict. I will also personally make this appeal to President Jacotey to send her representatives here.

    The government is facing a lot of pressure from opposition and people over the growing number of Catholic and Protestant skirmishes and violence in Ireland and certain parts of the UKZ.
    The UKZ while adopting secularism in 1947, is a largely Roman Catholic nation with Catholics making up around 52% of the population and Protestants making up nearly half of that.


    On the last day of Parliament before the Easter Recess, The Lower House passed a bill that permitted non-zack citizens of the Commonwealth Council nations to vote for their Members of Parliament (MPs), Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) and Mayor or Municipal Council Corporators.

    This amendment to the Franchise Bill (1855), will allow any non-zack commonwealth association nation citizen to vote for the above-mentioned individuals provided they have resided in the UKZ for a minimum of 2 years (for working individuals) and one year (for students). This will now mean that citizens from Sdudeti-Karabak, North Ajania etc. will be able to vote. All New-Zealand citizens will also be awarded this right (even though New-Zealand has only membership through the name of Drakenburg).
    However, foreign nationals who are citizens of the association cannot vote in Zack Elections if they are working in an embassy or consulate or are employees of a foreign government office or department. They cannot also be elected/unelected/nominated individuals of any foreign government branch and should not hold royal titles.

    This was passed in 2017 monsoon session by the Commonwealth Council (upper house) and today after clearing the lower house hurdle, it is now awaiting royal assent.

    The Upper House however, rejected a bill that allowed Commonwealth Association member nations to get representation in the upper house.

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