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    Antanaresian History

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    Antanaresian History

    Post by Federation of Antanares on Sat Jul 11, 2015 6:41 am


    Antanares is one of the country of the Esamir, one of the most ancient and powerful. Founded in the far south of one of the main continent of the planet, the history of Antanares is full of fights, wars, bloods but also of researches, explorations and developments. During its history, Antanares was divide between cities and little kingdoms, they found the unity only in the last centuries, after years of conflicts. Antanares, a word created from the nothing to indicate all the south of the continent, is a country of peace with a long, long history of war.


    8700 BL: Constructed the Temple of the Unnameable, not far from the city of Arcadia, center of Antanares

    4500 BL: South of Antanares, first important city of the area, Urukas.

    1500 BL: Bronze Era of Antanares start here. Develop of cities and villages in the south of the city. Differences with the cities in the north of the country.

    1400-800 BL: Wars between the reign of Urukas and the near cities. Decadence and abandon of Urukas

    600 BL: Rise of the South Culture, city of Sessadraina. Rise of the United Cities. Develop of the firsts voyage ships for Antanares.

    200 BL: Sessadraina burns during the siege of Tessarus. For ten years all the south if reunited under the flag of Tessarus and the north is reunited under the flag of Yggrataf.

    1 AL: First new year, represented from the write of the First Law.

    256 AL: Alexander the Second conquers all the south of Antanares under the flag of the Empire of Sessadraina. The north is divided in small kingdom, the center of the country, near the actual border with Planitia and New-Tarajan, is dominate from the city of Arcadia and the sister-cities.

    480 AL: The last of the Alexandrine Dynasty dies withour heirs. The Empire collapse. Rise of Cape Wolf like principal cities in the north. Starts of the raids from the North to the South.

    900 AL: After the destruction of Cataria and the siege of Balcary, Cape Wolf is one of the most important cities of all the area. The south cities, that concentrate their efforts in the economical field, form a Confederacy of Cities, called simple the Confederacy.

    1152 AL: First explorations of the island of Targahar, where is founded the Kingomd of Targahar, formed from semi-nomad tribes and few cities. Establishment of commercial exchanges between the Confederacy and the Kingdom.

    1256 AL: Using mercenary from Targahar, the Confederacy conquers Balcary and constrict the Emperor of Cape Wolf to start a military campaign against the south and the center cities.

    1350 AL: Arcadia resists to the siege of the Emperor of the North and eliminate the threat for the Lake, its dominion. Arcadia and the North sign a peace agreement, the South fights alone.

    1455-1510 AL: Explode the War of the Fourth Jewel, between the Emperor of the North, the Major of Arcadia, the Grand Duchye of Balcary and the Doge of Sessadraina, that can count on the support of Targaharian mercenary. The war end with the surrender of Cape Wolf to the army of Gradrinad. Written the poem named "The Last Wolf", dedicated to a company of men-at-arms from the city of Velikogovolka lead from the Prince, a mysterious figure without a dynasty that lead the force of Gredrinad, a secondary cities in the conflict, and conquer Cape Wolf, killing the last pretender to the crown of all Antanares. Endo of the Middle-Age. Antanares enter in the Modern Age, with the first mechanic typography.

    1511-1680 AL: Antanares is reunite under the flag of the Principality of Antanares. Various rebellions and conflicts between the dukes of the country and the cities. Age of explorations and expansion of Antanares. Establishment of contact with far kingdom, annexation of Targahar to Antanares.

    1710-1740 AL: Conflict between the East Sessadraiana Company of Antanares and the East Trade Company, the principal companies of Antanares and Tarajan. The conflict explodes only, for now, between the two companies, with the destruction of various outposts, elimination of agents of the two companies. It is an indirect conflict.

    1754 AL: First session of the Bruma in Antanares. Become king Marcus III Kroien.

    1790-1810 AL: Period of war between Antanares, in the hands of the family Kroien, and Tarajan. Colonial conflict between the two countries. Antanares lost most of its colonies in the war in favor of Tarajan, but establish the total control of the Jikillian Sea, the great lake in the center of the continent.

    1825 AL: Amedeo III Kroien die into one of the first anarchist attack of the antanaresian history. Cape Wolf and Cataria declare their independence during the weakness of the center power, forming the Grand Duchy of Jutergard.

    1847 AL: Spread of rebellions in all the Principality, caused from the lack of running of Amedeo IV, considered, at the end, a good man at the wrong place. Targahar obtains the independence. Only the colony of Junzikama, near Tokugawa, remain under the control of the Principality.

    1850 AL: Amedeo IV die without heirs, the Principality falls. Rise of the Union of Sessadraina, the Federation of Cities of Velikogovolka and Balcary ruled from the family Delencourt and the Duchy of Arcadia, the most pacific of the alliances in the area.

    1855 AL: Tarajan invade the Grand Duchy of Jutergard and conquer the north of Antanares. One years after Arcadia is attacked from mercenary from the north. The Union of Sessadraina sign an alliance with Tarajan and the Federation of the Cities decides to move war to the Union and Tarajan. Starts the War of Unification, for the antanaresian history.

    1856 AL: Naval battle of Cape Wolf between the forces of Tarajan and the force of Velikogovolka. The antanaresian naval forces are destroyed thanks to the ability of the leader of the tarajany navy, Baron Michiel de Ruyter, that lead the forces of Tarajan to a great win. Tarajan move war to Arcadia, conquering all the center lake. Sessadraina attack from the south. Velikogovolka is surrounded from the enemy forces.

    1857 AL: Balcary is burned from the forces of Taarajan, Cataria is conquered. Cape Wolf is under siege, but not fall in the hands of the Tarajan Army. Johann II "Grey Wolf" Delencourt become the leader of the Federation of the Cities. Formations of first small and rapid warband, the Golden Arrow. Valerian I Higencourt leads two companies of Golden Arrow and free the west coast of Antanares from the forces of the Union. The fleet of Delencourt move in help of Cape Wolf, helping the resistance. Cataria is reconquered.

    1858 AL: The Golden Arrow army, under the lead of Johann II, conquer Sessadraina and kill the Doge. The Union is annexed from the Federation. The new state is called Federal Principality of Antanares, the official name since now.

    1859 AL: Cape Wolf counterattacks against the forces of Tarajan and push back the enemy soldier far away from the city. The Grand Duchy sign the annexation to the Federal Principality. Construction of the new main buildings of Velikogovolka, like the new residence for the Prince and the new Parliament, destroyed during the war. Reconstruction of the fleets. Raids on the coast of Tarajan.

    1860 AL: Valerian I Higencourt, Duchy of Balcary, reconquer Arcadia. Johann II launch a fast attack to Tarajan, attacking Merlberg. The siege is the last act of the war. Peace agreement between Antanares and Tarajan.

    1890 AL: The "Grey Wolf" die after 30 years of reign without problem and full of successes. Targahar returns under the flag of the Federal Principality or Federation of Antanares. Reconstruction of most of the cities destroyed during the conflict. Foundation of new academies, theaters and schools in all Antanares.

    1900 AL: Antanares lives a moment full of scientific advancements and success. Bruma gains more power from the Prince. Expansion of the commercial routes of Antanares in all the world. Establish of new pacific contacts with Tarajan.

    1925: Founded the Democratic Front.

    1935-1948: Civil War of Antanares, between the Republican Front, leaded by Antonin Vulokoski, and the Royalist Front, leaded by Johann IV "Black Wolf" Delencourt. The war is one of the worst of the entire history of Antanares. Over the 50% of the population die during the conflicts, most of the cities is destroyed. Massacres are at the order of the day. In the 1945, Antanares is a mess.

    1949: End of the Civil War. Rise of Andrei I Delencourt. The Democratic Front, considered one of the causes of the conflicts, is banned from Antanares. Thanks to the good relentionships with the near countries, Antanares can restart, another time, from the ashes.

    1985: Andrei II become Prince. Formations of the new Council of the Prince, mediator between the Bruma and the Prince.

    1994-2006: Andrei III become Prince. Considered one of the most important prince of the history of Antanares, end the Corporations Wars, a period of the history of Antanares of power from the private corporations, that could count during these years in private armies. Thanks to Andrei III, the corporations are eliminated. Antanares become one of the most advanced countries of the Esamir. Formations of the SECURS in the 1997. Antanares join important international coalitions like the Shraman Pact and the E-DSJ. Series of minor conflicts with foreign countries. Terrorist attack in the 2002 against Cape Wolf.

    2007-today: Andrei III die into a terrorist attack against his palace. Rise of House Higencourt, allied of the fallend Delencourt, with Prince Sebastian Valerian I. Antanares leave the SECURS. War between SECURS and UPS, Antanares mediates with USE the peace between the two coalitions. Develop of Antanares in various fields of natural and social sciences, creations of one of the most developed welfare systems of the Esamir. Creations of the USC. Antanares reforms the military forces. Antanares founds bases on Moon and Mars for the pacific develop of the science. Creating and expansion of universities and public laboratories. Founded the Prima Savarola Consortium, one of the biggest consortium of the Esamir.

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