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    OMNI Enforcer  Empty OMNI Enforcer

    Post by New Tarajan on Thu Oct 15, 2015 1:34 am

    OMNI Enforcer  1zoc0f7


    Oppose Militancy and Neutralize Invasion

    Welcome to OMNI Enforcer, the greatest combined military force in Esamir.
    Here, you'll find every available information on OMNI history, member States, organizational structure, military equipment, strategic doctrines, and even more!
    If you have specific questions, don't hesitate to directly ask one of our members.
    Thank you!


    OMNI Enforcer was initially the denomination taken by Tarajani armed forces soon after the restoration of the Empire, with the decision of Arveyres to join it, and it was constituted by the merging of Tarajani, Sdudetians, North Ajanic, Arveyran, Meisjegronden and Ashari militaries.
    The situation changed on the aftermath of a series of wars which threatened the peace and stability of the Altigantan Continent (namely the wars in Atanea and Planita), and after the foundation of the Terran Federation, which was perceived by many States as a direct threat to their independence and sovereignty.
    Thus, New Tarajan and Antanares decided to bring their historical alliance to a new level, by merging their militaries, giving birth to a new organization which took the name of old OMNI.
    After this historical decision, many other States decided to join: the United Kingdoms of Zackalantis, the Kingdom of Duresia, the Kingdom of Farve, the Kingdom of Aloia. A particular input to the development and expansion of OMNI came with the first meeting of the Germanic Union: there, it was soon understood that OMNI could easily become the military branch of the Union (although not all the members of OMNI are also members of the GU, the contrary it's true).
    Now, OMNI stood as the most advanced and most powerful combined military force of Esamir, which already has been involved in relevant conflicts all around the globe, in the Khanate of Fire and at the Ashari-Chackle borders, specifically, demonstrating its military prowess.


    • Federal Aristocratic Kingdom of New Tarajan
    • Grand Duchy of Sdudeti-Karabak
    • Principality of North Ajania
    • Grand Duchy of Meisjegronden
    • Sultanate of Ashar
    • Federation of Antanares
    • United Kingdom of Zackalantis
    • Kingdom of Duresia
    • Kingdom of Aloia
    • Kingdom of Farve



    The Ring

    OMNI Enforcer  33u4c4o

    Originally, OMNI Enforcer HQ was in Kessel, Barony of Shraman, NT.
    However, the growing needs for a larger space (due to the expansion of the Organization to many other countries) led to the decision to move it to a new structure: the Ring, a masterpiece of contemporary architecture located in Vieneskel, in the outskirts of Astana, NT.
    The Ring was designed by a group of architects from all Member States, and can accomodate thousands of people, combining working and leisure facilities, while being surrounded by a wonderfully-green landscape.
    At the same time, the Ring offers the most advanced equipment and technology for Command & Control, enabling OMNI to control from there all the operations undergoing all around the globe at a glance.

    OMNI Enforcer  2yz04rs

    OMNI Enforcer  2rh1vu1

    OMNI Enforcer  6dr1oy



    (composed by the Chiefs of all four branches plus a Chairman)

    OMERAM                        OMERNAV                     OMERAF                            OMERSPA
    (OMNI Enforcer Army)      (OMNI Enforcer Navy)    (OMNI Enforcer Air Force)    (OMNI Enforcer Space Force)

    (each for a Continent plus the Strategic Space Command)

    (created in case of need for specific purposes and for handling specific situations)

    (at least three for each Strategic Command; composed by combined land-sea-air units)

    List of Strategic Commands:

    • OMNI Strategic Command for Altaganta (OSCA) = The Ring, Astana, NT

    • OMNI Strategic Command for Naskigo (OSCON) = Paris, Arveyres

    • OMNI Strategic Command for Norda (OSCNord) = Kresburg, Duresia

    • OMNI Strategic Command for Oriento (OSCOR) = Wohlstand, Farve

    • OMNI Strategic Space Command (OSSC) = Cape Wolf, Antanares

    Organizations answering directly to the JCS:

    • ARROW (Advanced Rapid Response Operation Warband)  

    • DRAGONER (Defensive Rapid Army Group for Organised Networks Enforcer)

    • RHIELD (Royal Hazard Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Department)


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    New Tarajan
    New Tarajan

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    OMNI Enforcer  Empty OMNI Enforcer Arsenal

    Post by New Tarajan on Thu Oct 15, 2015 1:38 am


    To all Member States,
    Please, send me a link to your military factbook, depicting the vehicles, vessels and airplanes used by your countries and now composing OMNI Enforcer.
    I'll post it here.


    New Tarajan (including Arveyres and other Imperial States)



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    New Tarajan

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    OMNI Enforcer  Empty OMNI Enforcer Membership

    Post by New Tarajan on Thu Oct 15, 2015 1:48 am

    OMNI Enforcer  1zoc0f7

    Please, submit here your request for membership in OMNI.
    The application fomr is the following:

    Application form:


    Name of the country:
    National Budget for Defense:
    Military Data:
    List of main bases and military ports:
    - Army
    - Air Force
    - Navy
    Request for Strategic Command: [Yes] [No]

    Please, provide all the data required in the most comprehensive form.
    Remember that requests for a Strategic Command are only available for those countries located in a continent not yet covered by already-existing Commands (see the OMNI Enforcer thread for a full list of SCs).

    For those countries already members: please, make here a post listing National Budget, Military Data, and the list of main bases and military ports.

    Thank you!

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