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    Cultural Diffusion Thread


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    Cultural Diffusion Thread

    Post by Arveyres on Wed May 25, 2016 2:05 pm

    Hello everyone Smile

    As a few of you know, I've been doing extensive research and combinations of the histories and cultures of the nations of Esamir. I'll introduce to you a language family parallel to a real-life one: the Indo-Esamiran languages. They reflect the real-life Indo-European languages.

    The proposed hearth of these languages is somewhere in north New Zealand where it meats USE and Arveyres. The Germanic (English, German, Dutch, etc.), Romance (Eurasian, Arveyran, Spanish, etc.), Slavic (Ivanian[?]), and Indic (Hindi) languages emerged from a common ancestor language and culture.

    What I'm looking to solve is how lands like New Tarajan and Zackalantis, who are far from the proposed hearth, ended up having strong Indo-Esamiran presence.

    This would also tie in nations like Britain (British Free State) and USE (United States of Europe) as to how these types of languages emerged in their states.

    Of course this thread is not limited to Indo-Esamiran languages; nations that share a similar culture with another are free to openly discuss how their languages emerged in their nation.

    Some photos of the Indo-Esamiran language spread maps:


    New Tarajan
    New Tarajan

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    Re: Cultural Diffusion Thread

    Post by New Tarajan on Sun May 29, 2016 4:11 am

    I spoke with my brother about Antanares and since in Antanares there are three main languages (Russian, Italian and English), we are thinking about an origin for all three of them.
    Here's a first hypothesis:

    - Russian: since there is only another Slavic-speaking country in Esamir, such a language could be the true language of Antanares, spoken by its first, original, inhabitants.

    - Italian: as a Latin-derived language, Italian can be easily defined as the evolution of the Latin first spoken by Eurasian colonists.

    - English: the result of a Germanic migration (which after that transferred that Germanic cultural element to New Tarajan through the invasion of the Antanaresian knights in the XV century).

    What do you think about that?

    Also, there's another element to be taken into account: Tarajani Dutch is not the only language being spoken in New Tarajan. Indeed, Ajanic, with its culture, is another fundamental pillar of the country. Did you already think something about Persian/Turkish languages?

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