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    EMERGENCY SESSION: Wales-Ireland War

    New Tarajan

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    EMERGENCY SESSION: Wales-Ireland War

    Post by New Tarajan on Fri Jun 09, 2017 6:50 am

    "Ladies and gentlemen, colleagues,
    As Secretary General of the United Nations, I've decided to convene this Council in order to discuss the recnet escalation of the conflict between Ireland and Wales. The United Nations cannot but condemn any attack brought against a sovereign country without proper justification and in blatant violation of International Law, and this case is no exception.
    We urge all parties to reach a cease fire and to sit around a table to find a quick and peaceful solution, before more damage is done to innocents."

    The Tarajani delegate, which sits near the Secretary General, clearly gives his assent to these words.
    Common State
    Common State

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    Re: EMERGENCY SESSION: Wales-Ireland War

    Post by Zackalantis Yesterday at 5:01 am

    Ladies and Gentlemen, honorable members of the Security Council. The UKZ stands here to make clear the future of Ireland. Because we believe we owe it to the international community to assure you all that stability will be restored in Ireland, with full respect for the rights of the Irish people and a commitment to democracy.
    Before we get into clarifications and assurances, the Zack delegation would like to go over the sequence of events that lead to the eventual fall of the Irish government.

    It began with the blatantly illegal Irish invasion of the disputed territory of Wales, This was followed by the heavy fighting in Wales and mobilization of troops along the entirety of our Eastern border with Ireland.

    Our secret service- RAW had hints of impending Irish invasion and hence in order to prevent an all-out war along our border, Operation Thunderbird was put into effect. The operation sought to hack into and disable the Irish government's communication system, thereby cutting them off from the rest of the world. Following this, it was easy to invade Dublin and force the government and Irish Royals to give up power. This prevented further loss of Irish and Zack life and property.

    Ireland was divided into different administrative divisions. These divisions are not like international borders and Irish citizens can travel past them. Viceroys were appointed to all the regions for administration duties.just as they are in the states of the UKZ.

    New-Zealand was granted administrative duties of the Eastern Territories.

    Now the future of these regions..
    1. Wales will be taken into the UKZ and will become a Commonwealth Territory. Parts of the Welsh territory that voted in favor of Ireland during the referendum will be given to New Ireland and Free Britain.

    2. New Ireland and Free Britain will undergo a referendum to decide if they wish to stay separate countries or join once again. This is being done due to the great divide present between these to territories even during Irish rule. We are giving them a chance at self-determination.

    3. New Ireland and Free Britain, whatever they chose will become a democracy and will recognise Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as their head of state. They will remain independent of the UKZ.

    4. Wales will conduct Assembly and Parliamentary Elections

    5. The new democracy in Ireland will have a limited military power to prevent hostilities in the future and will also owe the UKZ reparations for damages caused in Wales.

    We hope that these assurances will put your concerns to rest.
    Thank you for your time.

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