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    Post by Zackalantis on Sun May 28, 2017 6:22 pm

    Roghtanganistine community observes holiest time of the year

    Frabjous Day commemorates the day Roghtang the holiest prophet of the Lord Omegus was made immortal and make a goddess and queen of the heavens after she endured four challenges placed before her by Omegus. The faithful commemorate these four challenges on Mondays before Frabjous Day.

    The first Monday commemorates her challenge with the elements when fire and water from heaven tried to burn and drown her, the second commemorates her temptation by the evil one, the third remembers her sentencing to exile in the wilderness and the fourth- her death by execution by being shot by arrows.


    Commemorates the day when Omegus created the earth and took his place as king of the heavens. In the life of Roghtang it marks the day she defied exile and waited outside the Viscos city gates and entered it the next day.


    Roghtang enters Viscos in defiance of the exile sentence passed against her by the courts. Here she gives her last sermon and then she is arrested. Her trial is unfairly carried out the next day and she is sentenced to death.


    Crus is the old word for death, and the mode of execution popular at that time. The victim is tied to a specially designed post and is shot with arrows. This was her last challenge- Death.


    Services start at 5 am before the sun rises and the service begins with the holy fire coming back into public view since Friday evening when it was hidden from public view. The fire is the living embodiment of Roghtang. The fire is brought out just before sunrise as it is believed that the light of the sun will not shine unless the fire of roghtang blazes.

    The service also begins with the offering of Roghtang's funeral sacrifice which is then transformed into a thanksgiving offering once the proclomation of Roghtang's new life is announced.

    Frabjous Day is celebrated by decorating a pole with lights and flowers to symbolize the pillar of fire that broke the seal to her grave.


    Roghtanganistines make up a minority in UKZ, but the origins of Roghtanism find its roots in the Zack state of Relion. Roghtang is believed to have been born and lived here. Cair paravel house also set up a Frabjous pole outside on the lawns. Roghtanism is also present in several neighbouring nations like New Tarajan.

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    Post by Achaian Morea on Tue May 30, 2017 5:28 am

    Montferrati, Morean Officials Create Transitional Government

    Raitia, Achaian Norda: More than a week after Montferrati troops entered the city of Raitia, the namesake of the Achaian-ruled diocese of which it was the capital, Montferrati and Achaian officials meeting together in this city have agreed on the complete reorganization of the Achaian-held territories in Norda, and have established a transitional government capable of meeting the demands of the Nordan population while still retaining Achaian authority in the region. According to today’s announcement, made jointly by the Achaian and Montferrati officials in Raitia, the previously-named “dioceses” of Norda will retain their current political borders and regional capitals, but will be freed of the religious element of the previous Achaian administration, which had been entirely led and staffed by the Achaian Church and its handpicked representatives. “While we are aware that His Majesty Sultan Ioannis [IX Kallergis] fully intended to Christianize this region of Esamir, we are equally aware that His Anointed Majesty was initially unaware of the full effect of this ambition on the people of Norda,” said Minister Apostolos Douras, who has been named Megas Logothetis for the term of his stay in Raitia by the authority of Sultana Aikaterini. “By the time His Majesty became aware of the objectionable nature of the Achaian Church’s government in Norda, it was too late to dislodge that organization’s hold on the area without inviting a revolt among the devout people of Morea, as well as further unwarranted disruptions by the Church to His Anointed Majesty’s attempts to rebuild Morea’s relationship with non-Christian partners such as New Tarajan. Her Majesty Sultana Aikaterini has accomplished what His Majesty Sultan Ioannis could not, but only because the adoration of our Church has cooled in the wake of His Majesty’s assassination. The Lord provides, but His mercy does not always come without cost.”

    “We are hopeful that the damage done by religious intolerance in this region can be reversed in short order,” said Minister Hermann Badoer of the Duchy of Montferrat. “Bishop Gavriil has a lot to answer for, as soon as we find him.”

    Bishop Gavriil Ekklisias, handpicked for his post in Raitia by Bishop Akakios IV Doukas of Mystras, ruled these Achaian Dioceses from their establishment until the takeover by Montferrati military forces just over a week ago. Both he and his sponsor Bishop Akakios escaped capture by unknown means, and their current whereabouts are a mystery. Bishop Akakios in particular has made many enemies throughout the world in his time as primate of the Achaian Church, and is now officially wanted not just by Achaian and Montferrati authorities, but also by the Tarajani government in relation to insults he issued against that nation, its monarch, and its people. Tarajani authorities have promised to deliver Bishop Akakios to Achaian justice should they be the ones to capture him. Today Sultana Aikaterini officially acknowledged the Tarajani warrant with a promise of close cooperation between Nafplio and Astana until the bishop is found and brought to justice. In the meantime, investigations continue as to the disappearance not just of the two bishops and a significant portion of Bishop Gavriil’s governing cabal from Raitia, but also the disappearance of the Achaian Church’s security personnel in the area, most of whom are believed to have fled in the face of superior Monferrati firepower upon the entry of the latter into Achaian Norda. Logothetis Douras briefly touched on this point as well: “We will guarantee the safety and security of Achaian Norda, with the able assistance of the Duchy of Montferrat and the Nordans themselves. We are coming to know the full truth of the Achaian Church’s time in this place, and we wish to assure every Nordan, within and without our borders, that the crimes that were perpetrated here will not be repeated. The Achaian Church in Morea will be questioned, undoubtedly, but in Norda everyone may be sure it will never return. We will find those who caused all of this pain, and we will bring them to justice.”


    NZ Economic ‘Miracle’ Perplexes Achaian Officials, Horrifies Montferrati Economists: “How is This Possible?”

    Morean Princes Assure Tarajani People: “Our Religion Does Not Reflect Bishop Akakios’s”

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    Post by Arveyres on Fri Jun 16, 2017 2:54 pm


    The crops seen above are very happy, they are from Central Asturias

    Due to a higher than average rainfall this season, local crops in the Asturias and Alhambra crop belt are thriving in recent news. Local farmers are excited with the new rainy season as they hope for a higher turn out than the drier season of the last few years. Many expect that the near-drought in Asturias and Alhambra is finally over and that farmers can relieve their reliance on fresh-water resources.

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