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    The History of Esamir (Collaborative Post)

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    The History of Esamir (Collaborative Post)  Empty The History of Esamir (Collaborative Post)

    Post by Vajorr on Tue Feb 03, 2015 9:03 am

    The History of Esamir | Analysis

    Circa 4500 B.C.E The City of Urukuas is founded in Modern Antanares.

    3100-2900 B.C.E. Various tribes cross the ocean to reach the Kaevi archipelago.

    2000-0 B.C.E. The Murazian Empire is founded in Modern New Tarajan.

    1875 B.C.E. The City-State of Civitatlūs is founded in Modern Eurasia.

    Circa 1700-1200 B.C.E. The City-state Civitatlūs becomes the Kingdom of Auropīa.

    Circa 1500 B.C.E. Formation of city-states by the modern ethnic groups of Vajorr. The City of Paris is replaced by the Empire of Pars.

    Circa 1400-1300 B.C.E. Norse clans are simultaneously established in modern New Atanea.

    Circa 1400-800 B.C.E. War breaks out between Urukan and neighbouring cities.

    Circa 1000 B.C.E. The Empire of Tenebra is founded in Modern Eurasia.

    856 B.C.E. Kreisim rises in the sourth

    200 B.C.E. Sessadraina in Modern Antanares collapses and is divided into Tessarus and Yggrataf. The Holy Kingdom of Relion is seized by Telmar. The Empire of Telmar is founded.

    50 B.C.E. Relion gains independence.

    0-487 C.E. The Murazian Empire collapses and is replaced by the Ajanic Empire. The Ajanic Empire collapses. The Kingdom of Auropīa is replaced by the Republic of Urāzia.

    70 C.E. Christianity arises in the City of Alba, spreads through the lower city-states.

    256 C.E. Alexander the Second conquers south Antanares and establishes the Empire of Sessadraina and the north is dispersed into separate kingdoms.

    480 C.E. The Sessadrainan Empire collapses after the fall of the Alexandrine Dynasty.

    495 C.E. Creation of Kreisism in Vajorr.

    500 C.E. Vesperius declares war on Urazia.

    600 C.E. Vesperius annexed into Urazia.

    642 C.E. First Islamic city-state arises in Angora, grows into the Caliphate of Angora.

    822 C.E. The Unified Clans of Carelan is founded in Modern New Atanea.

    832-884 C.E. Rise of the First Reich in Vajorr.

    900 C.E. The "Confederacy" is founded in Modern Antanares.

    925-973 C.E. First Reich conquers most of Modern Vajorr.

    1000 C.E. Lues declares war on Urazia.

    1230-1250 C.E. The Atanean Empire is founded.

    1455-1510 C.E. War of the Fourth Jewel breaks out in Modern Antanares and results in a state crisis.

    1478-1502 C.E. The Wars of Religion begin in Modern Arveyres, resulting in the collapse of the Angoran Empire and the rise of Arveyres.

    1505 C.E. The Grand Duchy of Bakran is founded.

    1511-1680 C.E. The Principality of Antanares is founded.

    1595 C.E. The Ajanic people claim victory over the Antanaresian occupiers and the Kingdom of Tarajan is founded.

    1598 C.E. Edict of Tolerance adopted after rise of Jahanism in Vajorr.

    1600 C.E. The Kingdom of Zackalantis is founded.

    1652-1669 C.E. Abolition of Christianity and the adoption of Jahanism by the Tarajani Church in Tarajan. Great Exodus of Christians to Vajorr.

    1697 C.E. The Kingdom of Zackalantis collapses.

    1700 C.E. The Scottish Empire is founded in Modern Zackalantis.

    1755 C.E. Treaty of Gent is signed, establishing peace in the region after minor skirmishes.

    1766 C.E. New Zealand is founded.

    1712 C.E. Slow decline of the First Reich in Vajorr.

    1773-1790 C.E. War begins between Tarajan and Ashar.

    1777 C.E. New Zealand becomes a domain of the Empire of Tarajan.

    1785 C.E. Arveyres enters the Empire of New Tarajan.

    1789 C.E. The Liberal Revolution begins.

    1790-1810 C.E. War breaks out between Antanares and Tarajan. War begins between Tarajan and Antanares over the Jikillian Sea. The Illidian Wars take place. Loss of North Ajania and Sdudeti-Karabak from Tarajan to the Atanean Empire.

    1811-1824 C.E. Complete collapse of First Reich. Rebel forces overthrow the monarchy and establish a Republic.

    1832 C.E. The Zach war for independence takes place.

    1845 - 1857 C.E. Vajorrian Chancellor is assassinated and a coup takes place. States attempt to leave and civil war breaks out.

    1849 C.E. A Civil War in Zackalantis takes place.

    1850 C.E. The Principality of Antanares collapses and is replaced the Union of Sessadraina

    1854 C.E. The Kingdom of Tkhri separates from Zackalantis and declares itself an independent, democratic monarchy in order to disconnect from war

    1854-1860 C.E. The second Tarajan-Antanares war takes place over the Granduchy of Jutergard and the Duchy of Arcadia. New-Zealand declares independence from Tarajan

    1855 C.E. The name of the Constitutional Monarchy of Tkhri is modified as being Meigmaland and the Constitutional Monarchy of the United Kingdoms of Zackalantis is founded. Novaya Zemlya is annexed by the Commonwealth of Zackalantis

    1857 C.E. Meigmaland is reclassified as a Democratic Republic following the Monarch's adjustment to Prime Minister.

    1858 C.E. Meigmaland's new constitution is sealed and the union of Sessadraina collapses, being replaced by the Federal Principality of Antanares.

    1860 C.E. A lasting peace agreement between Antanares and Tarajan is established.

    1860-1900 C.E. The Empire of Tarajan is founded.

    1861 C.E. New Zealand becomes a Constitutional Monarchy and a Prime Minister is elected.

    1864 C.E. The Atanean Empire collapses and is replaced by the Atanosian Federation.

    1865 C.E. The dictator of Vajorr resigns and the rebels establishes the Vajorran Republic.

    1900-1914 C.E. Ienara is formally annexed by Tarajan.

    1914-1919 C.E. A war begins between Tarajan and the UKZ.

    1919-1944 C.E. The Tarajani Revolution takes place. The Tarajani monarchy is abolished. Proclamation of the People's Republic of Tarajan. Ienara gains independence from Tarajan. Ashar gains independence from Tarajan. Another Civil War takes place in Tarajan. The Kingdom of New Tarajan is founded.

    1920 C.E. New Zealand becomes a Social Democracy and is no longer under the influence of the Empire of Tarajan.

    1935-1948 C.E. Civil War breaks out in Antanares, resulting in the government being reformed to a monarchy.

    1943 C.E. Constitutional Reform result in the creation of the Vajorrian Federation.

    1944-1979 C.E. The Sdudeti-Karabak are annexed from the UKZ by New Tarajan.

    1976 C.E. The United Commonwealths of Eurasia becomes the Socialist Commonwealths of Eurasia.

    1993 C.E. Kaevi is founded.

    1996 C.E. SECURS is instituted.

    2003 C.E. The government of Kaevi is overthrown by communist forces.

    2010-2015 C.E. North Ajania and Sdudeti-Karabak are declared independent States.

    The Empire of New Tarajan is founded.
    The SECURS and UPS wage war on each other two times, both result in a ceasefire agreement.

    The Federation of Atanosia collapses and is replaced by Panem.

    The Liberation of Panem takes place. New Caucasoid revolts and declares independence.

    Job City is given independence by the Commonwealth of Zackalantis.

    Communism collapses in Telmar.

    The UKZ annexes Telmar into the Commonwealth.

    The Liberation of Atanosia is successful and the Federal Republic of New Atanea is constituted.

    *UPDATE 4/20/15*

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