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    Zack History

    UK of Zackalantis
    UK of Zackalantis
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    Zack History Empty Zack History

    Post by UK of Zackalantis on Mon Jul 20, 2015 11:45 pm


    The History of present day UKZ goes back several centuries and includes the history of the growth of its commonwealth, The Zack Civil War, the Wars for independence, The rise of the Scottish Empire, the Rise and Fall of King Zachary of Mikum right up to the ancient civilizations that were scattered in the region.
    The History of this nation has shaped its presence today in the international arena, it has shaped its cultures and religions and even its ideologies and principles. The UKZ today is made by its history.


    1) The Early Civilizations
    2) The Growth of Kingdoms
    3) The Kingdom Wars
    4) Rise of King Zachary of Mikum
    5) Growth of the Consitutional Monarchy Idea
    6) Rise of the Empire of Zackalantis
    7) The Empire of Zackalantis
    8 ) The Fall of the Empire of Zackalantis
    9) The Growth of Unified Zackalantis Idea
    10) Growth of Scottish Empire
    11) The Scottish Empire
    12) The First War of Independence
    13) The Second War of Independence
    14) The Eurasian Empire in Zackalantis
    15) The Independence Movement
    16) The United Monarchies of Zackalantis
    17) The Zack Civil War
    18) The Republic of Zackalantis (North Zackalantis)
    19) The Consitutional Monarchy of Zackalantis
    20) Colonial Ambitions and Expansions

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