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    Esamir Supervolcano RP (2035-)


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    Post by Kaevi on Wed Jan 06, 2016 3:12 am


    13 September 2035 - Seprastitiosio, Kaevi

    Today the Speaker has issued warrants for the arrest of approximately two-thirds of members of the National Assembly. Despite his statement that a widespread corruption case had been unearthed, many speculate that they were imprisoned in order to prevent a vote of no confidence in his leadership. Among those imprisoned is party leader Tireskalni Ifo Norujalep. She has been critical of the Speaker's use of power in recent months and sources tell that she wished to replace Wojeonel as Speaker. Wojeonel has also ordered the Security Administration to monitor shipping ports and detain anyone who is suspected of "abandoning" the homeland.

    Esamir Supervolcano RP (2035-) - Page 2 RTR4UDIF-1-1024x730
    Guards escorting a group of ten found attempting to hijack a cargo vessel.

    In Lisoone, reports show that thousands have died from a lack of clean drinking water and food. The once mighty plantations in the area have been transformed into wastelands with the death of crops due to groundwater contamination. The evacuation plan previously set into motion by the Speaker has been wildly ineffective and some have set out on foot into western New Zealand to forage for food. Archipelagan Kaevi is rapidly using up its emergency food supply and freshwater is increasingly growing scarce.

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