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    Post by New-Zealand on Sat Aug 02, 2014 6:42 pm

    Esamir National News Network  X0wKgqX

    The Esamir National News Network is open to any Esamir member to post their local news feeds and share to others what's going on within their territories! Specifically, this must have something to do with roleplay domestic news exclusively!
    It is expected that "National News" won't expect any rebuttal news from other nations as these are all internal news! But it is encouraged that "National News" will provoke other nations and instill jealousy on how good your country is internally! 

    Go for WA National News Network!
    United States of Europe
    United States of Europe
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    Post by United States of Europe on Mon Aug 04, 2014 5:10 am


    Esamir National News Network  Eu-parliament-strasbourg-620x278
    The Palace of the Parliament, in New Strasbourg
    Europe of the Auditore era (from the name of the now former President of the Republic) is finished, with the end of the five-year government mandate. Have been five years of hard battles on the law and legislative proposals on many different topics. These were years filled with many difficulties between government crisis and unstable international scenario. And after you have successfully started the first approaches to overcome global challenges, such as foreign competition, the fight against climate change, the battle for technological innovation and the construction of a real supranational government of the World Alliance, the Government of Ezio Auditore ends the mandate in the best way.
    Now is the time to look to the future, the future of Europe, by now an established global great power, in terms of diplomatic, economic, military and social, which without a doubt will strongly influence the international scenario. The decision on the future of the nation, and therefore the future of the World Alliance, of course, it is up to the citizens. Let's see how they are expressed, with emphasis on political parties in the race and on the electoral law.

    Esamir National News Network  P28-European-elections
    The main candidates in the race, during the Eurovision Debate. Let's see, from left, Alexis Tsipras (European Communist Party),Ska Keller (European Green Party),Martin Schulz (European Socialist Party),Jean Claude Juncker (European Popular Party) and Guy Verhofstadt (European Conservative and Liberal Party)
    The election campaign, particularly bright tones and aggressive, lived with great involvement from the citizens, started a few months ago, and ended a week before the election (it is customary to bring down the electoral silence last week on all media to leave people time to decide). He immediately set up immediately a clash between the two dominant coalitions, the Coalition of the European Left, in the government in the previous term, against the Coalition of Liberals and Conservatives, currently in opposition. The last session of the election campaign, studded events, public meetings, televised debates that have involved and strongly influenced the public life of the nation in recent months, it was the Eurovision Debate. It is a meeting of all the major candidates in the elections, televised live on all national networks, as well as live streaming on the internet. Simply the candidates have had to answer questions on various topical issues (economy, foreign policy, environment, etc..), exposing their vision on the future of Europe. The citizens, through the main social media, were able to interact directly with the candidates. A good example of direct democracy, passionately followed by millions of voters.

    But let's take a closer look at the political parties in the race.
    For the Coalition of Liberals and Conservatives:
    -European Popular Party,with Jean Claude Juncker as candidate,was critical of the moves of the previous government, especially on the economy. The party supports a liberal vision of the world economy, and then simply asks more laissez-faire. Considers harmful government spending, that according to the party that should be drastically cut, calls for increased liberalization and privatization of public enterprises and services.
    -European Conservative and Liberal Party,with Guy Verhofstadt as candidate,presents an even more extremist. Calls for drastic privatization, including in health and education, calls for deep cuts in public spending (particularly on welfare and social policies) and calls for drastic remission of tax. It supports a more aggressive policy in the external field, and calls for increased spending on defense and security. It has very closed positions with respect to civil rights, in particular the critical recognition of same-sex couples and calls for the abolition of abortion and euthanasia.

    For the Coalition of European Left:
    -European Socialist Party,with Martin Schulz as candidate,presents a vision in line with that of the previous government. Asks a heavy increase in public spending (especially in welfare, education, health and social policies), supports the nationalization of public services,of infrastructures and of strategic enterprises. Also calls for tax increases on the wealthy social classes, to help those most disadvantaged. It supports a strong public support for investment in business, innovation and infrastructure, calls for more policies to protect the environment. It has a very Keynesian vision of the economy. In foreign policy, calls for an aggresiveness proportionate to situations, more alliance relationships and increased international integration.
    -European Communist Party,with Alexis Tsipras as candidate,has an even more fundamentalist in the economy, and calls for a greater role of the state, at the expense of the private sector. It supports more rights for workers, particularly wage increases and stability of contracts. He criticized the increase in military spending, but says greater security. Calls for more investments and policies for the ecological transition. It supports more civil rights and more open policies toward immigration.
    -European Green Party,with Ska Keller as candidate,focuses on environmental issues. Calls for more investment to the ecological transition, especially supports increased efforts by the state and private companies, to technological innovation. Calls for more stringent policies to protect the environment and consumers. Support policies for reducing waste and increasing the use of renewable energy. Supports interventions for sustainable production areas, urban areas and infrastructures.
    Esamir National News Network  8da303bbf4e100212447d2a6b6b35451180e28ff
    The elections for the Chamber of Deputies (the first chamber of parliament) are held every 4 years. The Chamber, after the election, according to the majority resulted from the elections, appoints the President of the Republic,by a majority vote. The latter then leads to consultations with the Chamber, look for a personality (or the President of the Council of Ministers) to be entrusted with the formation of the new government. The President of the Republic appoints the President of the Council of Ministries, who then appoints the ministers (who must be approved by the first). Once find the right personality, according to the parliamentary majorities, there is the oath on the Constitution. To enter the function the President of the Council of Ministries and the ministers must be approved by the Chamber of Deputies, which gives confidence with a majority vote.

    The second chamber, the Senate of the Republic, is still elected by the people, but does not participate in the formation of new governments and even the legislative process, and also has a different period of election.

    Can vote in elections and may be elected as a Member of Parliament anyone over 18 years old. The vote is in one day (Sunday) with the seats open from 8 am to 18. Minimum age for ministers and even the President of the Council of Ministries is always 18 years old, just for the President of the Republic is a prescribed a minimum age of 40 years.

    In essence, the European electoral system is proportional, but there is also an important majoritarian element that completes and complements it.
    Each voter has two votes, the Prime Vote and the Second Vote. With the first vote the voter votes for one person, with the second vote for a party. It is possible and it happens very often that a citizen votes in accordance with the vote for party X and the first vote for a candidate of another party Y.
    In fact, the second vote is the most important because with it the citizens decide, in proportion, the proportions in which the parties will be represented in the next parliament. That is, a party who has obtained 25% of the "second votes" will have also 25% of the deputies in the Chamber of Deputies, another party that has 9% of the "second votes" will have 9% of the deputies,and so on. In fact there is a election threshold set at 5%, all parties below this threshold will not enter parliament.
    The Prime Vote is a majoritarian element of the electoral law. Europe is divided into hundreds of electoral colleges (one for each Region) and in each college is directly elected member of Parliament the candidate who obtains the majority of "first votes".
    So half of the deputies are elected directly by the voters throught the Prime Vote. The other half goes to parliament through the so-called regional lists throught the Second Vote, which are lists of candidates defined at the regional level by the respective parties.

    The purpose of this system that might seem a little complicated is to create the possibility of being elected even for people who do not belong to the major parties, but who are known and respected at the municipal level. In fact, any citizen can apply - under certain conditions - as a candidate by the Prime Vote in his electoral college and if he gets a relative majority, enter parliament without being part of any national party. But there is also a second advantage of the Prime Rate: if a national party gets less than 5%, but if it can count on at least 3 candidates directly elected in the constituencies, then enter anyway in parliament, according to the percentage obtained. All while maintaining the proportional result of the election.
    Esamir National News Network  European-parliament
    The new Chamber of Deputies, newly elected,during the first session to vote on the election of the President of the Republic
    The Coalition of the European Left has obtained the relative majority in the elections. In particular, the European Socialist Party got 221 seats,the European Communist Party got 56 seats and the European Green Party got 44 seats. The Coalition has also received the support of the Party of Freedom and Democracy, a political formation committed to the protection of the interests of local communities, with 30 seats. With the support provided by 60 of the 92 independent MPs, the majority to form a government of center-left is now guaranteed, with 411 seats out of 751 total.

    The Coalition of Liberals and Conservatives did not get a majority: the European Popular Party got 202 seats,while the European Conservative and Liberal Party got 64 seats. Even with the support of the Christian Democratic Party (a center-right formation, with ideas similar to those of the coalition), which won 42 seats, and with the support of 32 Independent Members, the coalition did not get a majority, with 340 seats out of 751 total.

    Esamir National News Network  Elezioni-europee-2014-Sondaggi-620x350_zpsf5fc94da
    -Coalition of European Left: in red the 56 seats of the Communist Party (GUE-NGL), in red light 221 seats of the Socialist Party (S&D), in green the 44 seats of the Green Party (Greens/EFA), in gray the 30 seats Party of Democracy and Freedom.
    -Coalition of Liberals and Conservatives: in yellow the 64 seats of the Conservative and Liberal Party (ALDE/ADLE), in blue the 202 seats of the Popular Party (PPE),in light blue the 42 seats of the Christian Democratic Party (ECR)
    In light gray the Independent Members (60 for the firs Coalition,32 for the second Coalition)
    Basically, looking at the parliamentary majority, has formed a distinctly socialist government, which then continue the policies undertaken in the previous mandate, strengthened and motivated by a great deal of support from the citizens.
    Analysts say that citizens have rewarded the excellent work done by the previous government, which strengthened the national economy, enhanced human development, increased employment and created large trade surpluses,all policies that have made ​​Europe one of the first international powers,thus confirming the socialists in power.
    Recall that the previous government increased public spending, investing hundreds of billions of Euros for the development of infrastructure,for the development of the industrial and manufacturing sector of the economy,for the development of agriculture and fisheries. The previous government has focused on the regulation of the economy, to protect consumers, workers and the environment, starting the first important steps to complete the sustainability of the nation, particularly in terms of energy (reduction of waste , abandonment of fossil fuels, massive development of renewable energy, infrastructure modernization). Also there was the nationalization of strategic enterprises and infrastructure, strengthening of public services (with large increases in investment on education, health, welfare and social protection), the increase in spending on research, the strong support for industry innovation, the increase in expenditure on defense and security. In foreign policy, there has been enormous effort for greater international integration, the creation of regional organizations, efforts to resolve conflicts and help the people in need. The previous government increased its bilateral and multilateral international ties, and you are guaranteed a permanent seat on the WA-Parliament.
    The new government will continue on this line.

    After a heated stage of consultations, the newly elected Chamber of Deputies has appointed Stefano Rodotà, known jurist and academic professor, as President of the Republic. The latter, after having explored the parliamentary majority and the moods, taking into account the outcome of the elections and the views of citizens, has appointed Martin Schulz (the socialist candidate) as President of the Council of Ministries,and then there was the appointment of the various ministries. Yesterday the Chamber of Deputies has confirmed the new Government (chaired by Martin Schulz,and his ministries), voting trust by a large majority, and after the oath of office on the European Constitution, there was the official start of the mandate.
    The New Government:

    Esamir National News Network  Af9bb69fe18f25b6e20e8ac5822979d85d6faa2f3be5ff5cbef2a7e3
    Stefano Rodotà

    Esamir National News Network  Martin_schulz
    Martin Schulz

    Esamir National News Network  FOTO-862-
    Mario Draghi

    Esamir National News Network  Antonio-tajani
    Antonio Tajani

    MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT,INFRASTRUCTURE AND PUBLIC WORKSEsamir National News Network  Zoze-manuel-barozo-1
    José Manuel Durão Barroso

    Esamir National News Network  %D8%A7%D8%B4%D8%AA%D9%88%D9%86
    Catherine Ashton

    Esamir National News Network  Herman-van-Rompuy
    Herman van Rompuy

    Esamir National News Network  6961984605_d4d620eded
    Gino Strada

    Esamir National News Network  Rehn
    Olli Rehn

    Esamir National News Network  LCSka
    Ska Keller

    Michel Barnier

    Esamir National News Network  Daha-fazla-yardim-yerine-soz-tutun
    Wolfgang Schauble

    Esamir National News Network  Dacian-ciolos2
    Dacian Ciolos

    Esamir National News Network  L43-gratteri-120522134026_medium
    Nicola Gratteri

    Esamir National News Network  Dario-Fo
    Dario Fo

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    Post by Ireland on Mon Aug 04, 2014 8:37 am

    Operation No Nukes Complete

    Esamir National News Network  Image
    When Enda Kenny was elected Prime Minister over 1.5 Years ago he promised that during this term Ireland would see the destruction of its nuclear arsenal. He called the program Operation No Nukes. Today the Ministry of Defense has released a statement in which they said. "Operation No Nukes complete. All weapons destroyed." Ad only a few minutes after the statement was released the Prime Minister have a Speech to the Nation on the matter.
    Esamir National News Network  Fine-gael-ard-fheis-49-390x285
    "Ireland, it is great news I bring to you today.Nearly 2 years ago when I was elected Prime Minister one of my promises was to oversee the destruction of Ireland's Nuclear Arsenal in my term.Today it is with a light heart that I say, Operation No Nukes is complete. The Ministry of Defense has destroyed all nuclear weapons in our Arsenal. Thus putting an end to the 50 year old Nuclear Weapons Program. Ireland is now more safe than ever before and we have set an example to the world that we want peace. But we dont want the power to destroy a nation with the click of a button."
    Royal Decree #126

    Today the Royal Household Authority released a statement from the King himself. This statement has been labelled Royal Decree #126. Here is the statement from the King.

    "At the beginning of my reign as King of the United Kingdom. I stated that Parliament will see an end to unlimited terms in Parliament. This ends today. By order of the King. Any MP or PC(Lord of Parliament) shall not serve for then 4 conecutive terms of 2 years for each term." It also comes to mind that this officially opens up 100 seats in the House of Commons and 50 seats in the House of Lords.

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    Post by Reisal on Mon Aug 04, 2014 9:02 am

    Prime Minister Proclaims "New Beginning" For Talanzaar
    Esamir National News Network  100116_mcdonnell_inaugural_ap_605_605
    In a grand speech to the new Congress, newly elected Prime Minister Glenn Mulroney, two months into his term, called on his fellow Congressmen to reform Talanzaars agenda. In his speech, he condemned the President for not making Talanzaar a world power for good and accused him of making Talanzaar a "puppet" for larger nations. He pledged to make the nation more independent by forcing bills through both houses that would remove these treaties. He also created a pledge to make Talanzaar the most eco-friendly nation in the region and said he would establish a group that would focus on tackling climate problems in Talanzaar.

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    Post by Eurasia on Mon Aug 04, 2014 11:31 am


    Esamir National News Network  Polls_sex_workers1_3026_231275_poll_xlarge_zpsf29a3ce1

    Following several days of intense debate, the Supreme State Assembly has brought the controversial AR 6487 to vote, despite heavy protest from the conservative factions of the Assembly. The bill, named the Sex Worker Legalization Act of 2014, will completely legalize and regulate the sex trade throughout Eurasia. The bill was proposed after the Province of Castus legalized prostitution in 2013, debate has raged throughout the Commonwealth as to whether or not the national government should adopt the policy. Recently, Premier Fortier came out in favor of the idea, stating in a makeshift press conference that, if the bill were to arrive on his desk, he "...would have no intention of vetoing it should it arrive on [his] desk." After the Premier voiced his approval, liberal members of the Assembly proposed the bill for a vote. Members of the State Conservative Party have vehemently opposed the bill, calling it, in the words of Assemblyman Thomas Del Rio, "A sad attempt by the liberal socialists in the Assembly to legalize debauchery and vice." While the Eurasian Socialist Party, who proposed the bill, has a slight majority in the Assembly, they are expected to ally with the National Centrist Party to pass the bill in both houses of government. In the Senate, The Eurasian Socialist Party and the National Centrist Party share a majority, and are expected to pass the bill despite Conservative opposition.
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    United States of Europe
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    Post by United States of Europe on Tue Aug 05, 2014 9:09 pm



    A new highly advanced 5th generation fighter,with highly sophisticated equipment,a key part of Air Force Modernization Program

    Esamir National News Network  A0a18493ba8e17a97fe5656b6df759a7

    The F-38 ThunderStar is a single-seat, single-engine fighter aircraft designed for many missions with advanced, integrated sensors built into every aircraft,a key part of the Air Force Modernization Program. Missions that were traditionally performed by small numbers of specialized aircraft, such as intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and electronic attack missions can now be executed by a squadron of F-38s, bringing new capabilities to many allied forces.

    The aircraft, whose design and testing phase lasted several years, given the complexity of avionics systems, has entered into service today. The official presentation, which was attended by the highest leardship the nation, dozens of journalists and many enthusiasts and experts in the field, was held at the historic home of the European Air Force,in New Strasbourg. In the coming weeks will begin mass production of the new aircraft, with the delivery of various tranches of aircraft to the Air Force squadrons.

    But why the F-38?
    Maintaining air superiority is essential to preserving global security and stability. The F-38 is designed to defeat today's most advanced threat systems both in the air and on the ground, as well as those expected to emerge in the decades to come. The ongoing advancement of fighter aircraft designs around the world reinforces the importance of the F-38’s advanced capabilities and technologies. The F-38 offers unprecedented capability and supportability across the spectrum of military operations.
    Since many years,the European Air Force fighter inventory has been cut in half and current fighter aircraft are, on average, more than 25 years old. The F-38 was designed to recapitalize European fighter fleets and counter emerging threats.

    Esamir National News Network  Tin-the-gioi-18h30-tap-can-binh-khoi-lai-lich-su-cong-kich-nhat-ban-5

    The F-38 has advanced stealth, exceptional agility and maneuverability, sensor and information fusion, network-enabled operations and advanced sustainment. Advantages of his technology include greater survivability, situational awareness, and effectiveness for warfighters, as well as improved readiness and lower support costs.
    The F-38 ThunderStar, joint to the other two European fifth-generation fighter, the F-22 Raptor and the Eurofighter II Sky-Shark (result of collaboration with New Tarajan),will be the cornerstones of the European Air Force superiority throughout the region.

    A 5th Generation fighter has advanced stealth, exceptional agility and maneuverability, sensor and information fusion, network-enabled operations and advanced sustainment. Advantages of 5th Generation technology include greater survivability, situational awareness, and effectiveness for warfighters, as well as improved readiness and lower support costs. The F-38 is a true 5th Generation fighter, with stealth designed as part of the aircraft from the beginning. The F-38,the Eurofighter Sky-Shark and the F-22 are 5th Generation fighters featuring advanced stealth, integrated avionics, sensor fusion and superior logistics support. But while Eurofighter and F-22 are essentially specialized in air superiority and in defense of the airspace,F-38 is optimized to be a multirole fighter,specialized in offensive air-to-air and air-to-ground missions,as well as intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations.

    For the design of the new aircraft were invested billions of Euros of governative funds, and have participated in the project,in addition to the the largest aerospace companies, dozens of high-tech small and medium-sized companies, which have dealt with many different aspects. The military project has created hundreds of new jobs, stable and highly skilled, and has greatly expanded the aerospace know-how of Europe (domestic industries are now among the global leaders in the aerospace field). Many avionics solutions of the F-38 will soon be used in the field of civil aviation. And the production phase will employ dozens of industries, thousands of workers. In short, the F-38 has also brought enormous benefits to the European economy.


    Esamir National News Network  F35-640x425

    Advanced electronic warfare capabilities enable the F-38 ThunderStar to locate and track enemy forces, jam radio frequencies and disrupt attacks with unparalleled precision. All three variants of the F-38 carry active, electronically scanned array (AESA) radars with sophisticated electronic attack capabilities, including false targets, network attack, advanced jamming and algorithm-packed data streams. This system allows the F-38 to reach well-defended targets and suppress enemy radars that threaten the F-38.

    The stealth capabilities in the F-38 are unprecedented in military aviation. An integrated airframe design, advanced materials and other features maximize the F-38's stealth features. Extensive analysis and flight test of the survivability of the F-38 with its combination of stealth, advanced sensors, data fusion, sophisticated countermeasures, and electronic attack demonstrate conclusively its superior advantages over legacy aircraft. The new aircraft is virtually undetectable.

    The F-38’s mission systems are critical to its mission success. With the most robust and advanced communications suite of any fighter aircraft built to date, the F-38 provides pilots with an unprecedented advantage. It will also be the first fighter to possess satellite communications capable of integrating beyond line-of-sight communications throughout the spectrum of missions it is tasked to perform.

    The integrated and fused sensor suite on the F-38 allows pilots to see a single integrated picture of the battlespace and automatically share that data with other pilots on the network using the most modern datalinks. These datalinks allow the F-38 to share data with other strike aircraft as well as other airborne, surface and ground-based platforms required to perform assigned missions. One of the datalinks core to this capability is the Multifunction Advanced Data Link (MADL).

    When the first F-38 squadron becomes operational, those aircraft can and will support other aircraft with electronic attack and situational awareness through information sharing. Advanced avionics give the pilot real-time access to battle space information with spherical coverage and an unparalleled ability to dominate the tactical environment. Data collected by F-38 sensors will be immediately shared with commanders at sea, in the air or on the ground, providing an instantaneous, high-fidelity view of ongoing operations — making the F-38 a formidable force multiplier while enhancing coalition operations.

    Esamir National News Network  F0205060_53b6a32906394

    -Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Radar - The F-38’s Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar is designed to enable F-38 pilots to effectively engage air and ground targets at long range, while also providing outstanding situational awareness for enhanced survivability. AESA's solid-state technology and elimination of mechanical moving parts will enable the radar to far surpass current standards for systems reliability.
    -Distributed Aperture System - The F-38’s Distributed Aperture System (DAS) is the only 360-degree, spherical situational awareness system. The DAS sends high resolution real-time imagery to the pilot’s helmet from six infrared cameras mounted around the aircraft, allowing pilots to see the environment around them without loss of quality or clarity. With the ability to detect and track approaching aircraft from any angle, the DAS also greatly reduces the potential for mid-air collisions and virtually eliminates surprises.
    - Electro-Optical Targeting System - The F-38’s Electro-Optical Targeting System (EOTS) is the world's first and only sensor that combines forward-looking infrared and infrared search and track functionality. The high-performance, lightweight, multi-function system enhances F-38 pilots’ situational awareness and provides precision air-to-air and air-to-surface targeting capabilities.
    -Communications, Navigation and Identification (CNI) Avionics System - The Communications, Navigation and Identification (CNI) system is the most advanced integrated avionics system ever engineered. The integrated CNI provides F-38 pilots with the capability of more than 27 avionics functions. Using software-defined radio technology, the CNI allows for simultaneous operation of multiple critical functions, such as identification friend or foe, precision navigation, and various voice and data communications, while greatly reducing size, weight and power demands.

    The F-38’s Helmet Mounted Display Systems provide pilots with unprecedented situational awareness. All the information pilots need to complete their missions – airspeed, heading, altitude, targeting information and warnings – is projected on the helmet’s visor, rather than on a traditional Heads-up Display. This approach greatly reduces the pilot’s workload and increases responsiveness. Additionally, the F-38’s Distributed Aperture System (DAS) streams real-time imagery from six infrared cameras mounted around the aircraft to the helmet, allowing pilots to “look through” the airframe. The helmet also provides pilots night vision through the use of an integrated camera.


    Esamir National News Network  F35-Variants-e1395665211905
    The F-38 ThunderStar three variants

    F-38/A ThunderStar
    The F-38/As advanced sensor package is designed to gather and distribute more information than any fighter in history, giving operators a decisive advantage over all adversaries. Its tremendous processing power, open architecture, sophisticated sensors, information fusion and flexible communication links make the F-38 an indispensable tool in future homeland defense, joint and coalition irregular warfare, and major combat operations. The aircraft will serve in the European Air Force

    With conventional takeoff and landing capability, the F-38/A is built for traditional Air Force bases. The F-38/A uses the boom method of aerial refueling and is the only variant to have an internal cannon.

    F-38/B ThunderStar
    The F-38/B STOVL operation is made possible through a special propulsion system and an engine that can swivel 90 degrees when in short takeoff/vertical landing mode. Because of the propulsion systems,the STOVL variant has smaller internal weapon bay and less internal fuel capacity than the F-38/A. It uses the probe and drogue method of aerial refueling. The aircraft will serve in the European Navy and in the European Marines Corp.

    F-38/C ThunderStar
    The European Navy’s aircraft carriers are the nation’s 911 Force, bringing first-day-of-the-war aircraft to the first day of the war, sometimes long before other military assets. Since today’s threats have the range and capability to shoot down 4th generation fighters, it’s vital that our naval aviators have stealthy, 5th generation fighters to execute their air-to-ground missions. For air-to-air missions, the F-38/C can carry four missiles internally while retaining very low observable stealth—a capability no 4th generation fighter has. Stealth provides our pilots the capability to defeat any threat and return to the carrier safely.

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    Post by Ireland on Fri Aug 08, 2014 7:01 am

    Citizens Demand Legal Reform
    Since independence in 1923, Ireland has used the system of 'guilty until proven innocent'. But since the 1970s there has been a nation wide movement to have this changed. Particularly to 'innocent until proven guilty'. But the Parliaments and Congresses have refused to listen. So today after nearly 45 years of silence, 300,000 people have started to protest outside the Parliament building demanding the change.
    Esamir National News Network  Tamil-protest-in--London--002

    After the protest started, Prime Minister Enda Kenny gave a speech to the nation in which he said "Change will HAppen! This Parliament will work harder than any other Parliament or Congress this nation has ever seen. This Parliament will work to fix whats wrong." The movement has been gaining support of both the Conservative and Labour Party. The two largest parties in parliament.
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    Federation of Antanares
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    Post by Federation of Antanares on Wed Aug 13, 2014 8:03 pm



    Announced at the past TechFair of Velikogovolka and announced two more time during the years, according to the informations released from the Ministry of Defence, the new helicopter SIDE-5 is finally ready to be deployed in all the main bases of the forces of the Federation. According to the informations, in the past five months the SIDE-5, a new stealth modular helicopter was improved with the new GeoSAT44 System, for a better GPS localization, the computer on board protected against the ECM and against the radiation. The SIDE-5, codename "Gargarantua", will be the main attack helicopter, for now, only of the ARROW forces deployed in the world. According to the Ministry, in the next two years all the other corps of Antanares will have the new helicopter in their park.

    Esamir National News Network  Rah66_comanche
    The SIDE-5 "Gargarantua"


    The Ministry of Internal Affair released a note about the decision of the government to launch a new campaign of sensitization about the problem of the young men and women that drive under the effect of alcohol and drugs. Even though Antanares is considered a country safe of similar problem, in the recent weeks, especially during the summer times, the number of car accidents and death on the road raised, pushing the government to take a reaction against the problem. In the notes, the Ministry anticipate two new videos that will be diffuse before the films at the cinema and at the television, another video that will be diffuse on Internet and a radio announce that will be diffuse on the main radio station of the country. Also, in the note, the government announce that, for now, will not be take any kind of restrictive measure against the vendors of alcoholic.

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    Post by Ireland on Thu Aug 14, 2014 8:01 am

    The Future of GM

    Esamir National News Network  Gm1
    The Department of Business,Innovation, and Skill has been in talks with the Government of New Zealand. The topic, GM or General Motors. The Department of Business, Innovation, and Skill asked the New Zealand Government if they had an interest in buying GM. Many citizens have been concerned over this but Minister for Business, Innovation, and Skill reassured the public by saying "It is only in our best interest. We feel that New Zealand can make GM an international company. We feel that New Zealand will make GM grow. They have assured us that GM will still be an Irish Car company. Because all the factories and most of the Jobs will still be located in Ireland. But the Headquarters will be moving to New Zealand. No jobs will be lost during this situation. We have an unemployment rate of only 2.9% and I dont plan for it to rise.

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    Post by Arveyres on Thu Aug 14, 2014 8:34 am


    Esamir National News Network  80c0ffcef37335e22c5c5b76aee50c84

    The Matriarch Dowager Maxine, pictured 1960.
    The Matriarch Dowager Maxine, or as the people called her "Le Piaf", the grandmother of the current Matriarch ruler of the Royal Society, has passed during her sleep within the past 24 hours. Maxine (currently the face of the farin currency) was the Matriarch regent from 1934 to 1965, when she abdicated in favor of her daughter, Farah. After her abdication, she pursued a very successful music career and became the face of Albioncourtois music.
    The Landsraad in Paris has declared a national day of celebration for the life of Maxine. The funeral of Maxine will be in the Wisteria Forests. The Matriarch regent, Narendra. has also suggested that businesses be closed in honour of Maxine, and for all of the people to go into the streets and celebrate her long life, reign, and musical career. Matriarch Narendra has invited all people, and all sovereigns from all around the world to join in the week long celebrations of her life, and the ceremonies at the Wiseria Forests.
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    Post by Australian Eltebena on Thu Aug 14, 2014 12:44 pm

    New Refugee Agency Announced in Eltebena

    Esamir National News Network  Warrnambool-campus

    Prime Minister Mathew Wyong officially announced a new Eltebian Refugee Agency today to be called the 'Eltebian Refugee Agency'. The proposed design of the headquarters is pictured above.

    "This represents a further step towards this government's commitment to humanitarian aid," Mr Wyong said.

    The new organisation aims to provide shelter for refugees by working with Eltebena's neighbours to provide shelter for displaced people and look at resettlement options. The ERA will initially employ 500 people, however that number is expected to increase to 4000 in two years.

    Commentators have praised the governments move and have said that it was long overdue. However, some have speculated that the Prime Minister has only made this move as an attempt to score political points with the electorate in light of the conflict between New Caucasoid and the United Kingdom of Zackalantis. The Prime Minister refuted these accusations saying that his government had a genuine desire to make a difference in the world and that this was probably "just a rumor spread by the opposition in order to discredit the government."
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    United States of Europe
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    Global Force

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    A new institutional framework to foster business innovation
    New Government loans and investment to support massively industrial innovation processes

    Esamir National News Network  Bmw_cria_curso_de_formacao_profissional_em_portugal_large_5975

    After approval by the European Parliament with an overwhelming majority, the Government may finally launch officially in the new National Plan for Industrial Innovation.
    A new package of laws that create a new institutional framework, which aims to create a fast and efficient bureaucracy, as well as to form a favorable environment for entrepreneurship and that will push companies to invest in innovation. But not only, as there are a number of new policies, subsidies and massive government investment to support industrial innovation, especially in small and medium enterprises.
    The package, very substantial, was presented to the domestic and foreign journalists in a press conference held at the lunch hour, where he was exposed point by point. To guarantee the usual European transparency, the new measures were published online in full, so that every citizen can read them and evaluate them.

    But why the nation need a strong government support for industrial innovation?
    Innovation is one of the central determinants of competitiveness and growth of the countries. Even more so in this time of increasing globalization and integration of national economic systems. The innovative mechanism is, in turn, rapidly evolving and is quickly adapting to the new global environment while at the same time, it is one of the main factors of change. This mechanism microeconomic translates easily into its corresponding at the aggregate level where the growth of the company replacing the growth of the country. The effectiveness of the mechanism (for example in terms of productivity more ele-vated), the same investment in R&D, depends on, among other things, the availability and quality of human capital, by appropriate financial instruments (such as venture capital ) and a ratio between fertile and university research system, direct and indirect public support and the enterprise system.

    The new provision allows to unlock hundreds of billions of government investment, which will in turn enable greater industrial innovation, and therefore growth and development for the European industrial system. The all accentuated by the new policies (in particular partnerships between universities and enterprises, research centers, etc..) and a new institutional structure that creates a climate conducive to entrepreneurship. In short, the new Plan will allow a massive economic growth and a massive economic and technological development of the industry.


    Esamir National News Network  Electronics

    Directorate General of Enterprises
    With regard to the competence of the Ministry of Economic Development, the national and local policies to boost innovation are developed through the activities of the Directorate General of Enterprises (DGE). The DGE is responsible for defining and promo-tion of the measures related to industrial competitiveness and innovation of enterprises.

    The DGE is the main reference of European enterprises, plays a central role in the implementation of development policies and industrial innovation, monitoring the implementation of policies at the local level and their consistency with the measures taken at national level. The main operational lines of the DGE concern: the development of enterprises and the attractiveness of the territory; support innovation and applied research; the development of international competitiveness; ensuring the safety of industrial activities.

    Directorate General for Research and Innovation
    The Directorate General for Research and Innovation (DGRI) operates within the Ministry of Economic Development. Process the policy of the Government, in collaboration with other ministries, is the body responsible for the definition of the objectives and scientific priorities in accordance with the inter-ministerial commissions.

    Participate in the development of policies to support research and industrial innovation and defines, in co-operation with the highest authorities of the Ministry of Education, the political organization of research activities at territorial level through specific agreements between the Regions.

    Higher Council for Science and Technology - HCST
    The HCST was born as a result of the recent adoption of the plan on industrial innovation. It is a consultative body placed under the authority of the President of the Council of Ministers, whose task is to provide technical assistance to President himself and to the Government on matters of major policy research and technological innovation.

    The HCST is composed of twenty personalities of high scientific level, appointed by the President of the Council of Ministers for 4 years. A Standing Committee (at the Ministry of Economic Development) prepare the work HCST.

    Interministerial Committee for Scientific and Technological Research - ICSTR
    The ICSTR is composed of representatives of relevant ministries in defining the national strategy for research and innovation (Environment, Industry, Transportation, Defense, Culture and Agriculture) and performs advisory work on policies, priorities and strategies of national research and innovation . It is chaired by the President of the Council of Ministers and is coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Development.

    Interministerial Mission for Research and Higher Education - IMRHE
    The IMRHE a collegial body composed of representatives of the Ministries of competence in research and innovation (Education, Economics, Finance and Industry, Environment, Defence, Transport, Culture, Agriculture). IMRHE task is to direct the research policy in Europe in accordance with the strategic guidelines defined by the President of Council of Ministries.

    The IMRHE coordinates and develops the objectives set by the allocation of funds to research programs entered in the budget for research and development. The centrality of IMRHE within the system of governance comes from the weight that the body takes in setting priorities, strategies and programs of R&D and because of the financial management of the funds directed to research.

    Parliamentary Office for Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices
    The Parliamentary Office for Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices is the advisory body in the field of scientific and technological research at the Parliamentary level. Its principal mission is to inform Parliament about the consequences of choices of science and technology and to provide any advice and clarification. Monitors the curriculum, making evaluations of activities carried out, process information and thematic reports.

    Esamir National News Network  362-ligne-alimentation-presse-saronni

    Agency for Industrial Innovation
    With the new laws of creation of an ad hoc agency,the Agency for Industrial Innovation,through which the Government intend to promote specific "Mobilizers Program for Industrial Innovation" of inter-ministerial nature, aimed at supporting the industrial development of "precompetitive" and strengthen public engagement in research.
    The Agency is placed under the control of the Ministry of Economic Development.

    The Agency is a public industrial and commercial organization whose mission is to promote and support major projects of technological innovation. The Agency funds projects with a high technological content and precompetitive nature, in which the public-private cooperative aspect is of paramount importance.

    National Agency for Research
    The National Agency for Research is a body of law in place under the administrative supervision of the Ministry of Economic Development, aims to promote the development of theoretical and applied research, support innovation and cooperation between the public and private sectors, contributing also to the transfer of public research results to the industrial world. The Agency supports and develops the strategic guidelines for research policy adopted by the Government and must meet the attainment of its objectives set.

    Agency for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education
    In the new architecture of the European research system is given a very important role in the evaluation process of the research in accordance with the requirements of independence, consistency and transparency.
    The new laws provides that "all projects and programs funded with public funds should be systematically evaluated (ex-post) and the results of the assessment should be made public".

    To do so is then created the Agency for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education,a public authority with an independent character.
    The Agency is responsible for the evaluation of research activities carried out by public bodies (including the university hospital centers) and to establish criteria for evaluating researchers.
    Its main objective is to improve the mechanisms for the selection and approval of projects to finance (or public co-financing), through the monitoring and analysis of research. These mechanisms are based on a rigorous process of evaluation and monitoring (not just ex-ante, but also ex post) of the projects.

    Body for Assistance and Financing of Innovative Activities
    The Body is a public body of industrial and commercial character, place under the tutelage of the Ministry of Economic Development. Its objective is to promote and support SMEs to the growth and development of industrial and technological development.
    It consists of three distinct sectoral bodies: Innovation Sector (support for innovation and technology transfer); Funding Sector (investment financing, in partnership with leading banking financial intermediaries); Sector Guarantees (guarantee of bank loans). It has a strong network of regional offices to provide assistance and support to all companies in the nation.

    Regional Delegations for Research and Technology
    The Regional Delegation for Research and Technology (RDRT) are appointed by decree of the Ministry of Economic Development and refer to the Ministry itself.

    The RDRT are in charge of the decentralized state in the areas of research, technology and innovation for the dissemination of scientific and technical culture. Provide technical assistance at the regional level on the implementation of national action programs, tools to support the development and technology transfer. Provide technical assistance on the use of mechanisms to support enterprises as the tax credit for research, JEI, etc.

    Regional Directorates for Industry, Research and Environment - RDIRE
    The RDIRE are regional agencies that provide support to SMEs for aid systems and the various measures of European funding. Concerning in particular the Structural Funds, the RDIRE are privileged partners who provide the service of education practices 'dossier' to get any funding and to participate in government policies.


    Esamir National News Network  Industrial_LED_ligthing_Solutions

    Mobilizers Programs for Industrial Innovation
    The main objective of MPIIs (Mobilizers Programs for Industrial Innovation) is to support great programs for industrial innovation highly qualified through the intervention of public funds and including measures of co-financing by large companies, in compliance with the European legislation. This allows you to share the risk of investment in the production of a good or service to compose innovative and strong proponents to help companies reach a size such that they can compete at international level.

    The programs are managed by the IIA (Industrial Innovation Agency) and by the Body for Assistance and Financing of Innovative Activities, which can thus support all economic sectors, including nuclear, space, defense and technology platforms. The State finances from 50% up to 75% of expenditure on R&D in the form of grants and repayable advances. In turn, companies need to finance the remaining half of the costs of the program and provide the coordination of the execution phase.

    The beneficiaries are the medium-sized and large enterprises in high-technology sectors in a public-private partnership that also involves universities and research centers. This partenariatopermette also share and exchange information and expertise between the public and private sectors. The programs are designed to last from 5 to 10 years for an amount starting from € 20 million a year for the project. Their main goal is to promote the development of industrial innovation.

    Poles of Competitiveness
    Poles of Competitiveness are one of the essential elements of the policy implemented by the European Government to revive the industry and the system of research and innovation. They favor the public-private partnerships and stimulate synergies between actors operating at local level in the context of industry, research and training on innovative projects in geographic considerations. These partnerships are designed around products or sectors with high technological and scientific content, also have the objective of increasing the dynamism and attractiveness of the European territories, in response to growing international competition and the phenomenon of relocation.

    The Poles are a model of public-private cooperation, in which the channel funding is used by the central government and local agencies to address the research activities. The governance of this system is entrusted to the private sector, namely manufacturers participating in the academic initiatives of the poles, sometimes in collaboration with local authorities.

    Once initiated, through public notifications who evaluate them according to certain criteria (eg return to employment, land development and creation of new assets),the Poles receive substantial government funding. Of course the projects are kept under tight control by the government agencies, and companies involved cooperate with local authorities.

    The presentation tool of the project is the book of commitment that is filed with the local authorities. In it, for it to be approved , must be expressed clearly :
    • a strong anchoring of the project to the local economy; the Poles must therefore provide a development strategy focusing on efficiency and competitiveness at international level;
    • consistency of the Pole and the strategy prepared when compared to the territorial development plan;
    • the international visibility on the business plan and/or technological. The projects submitted must be able to place within a given time interval at the highest level on the world stage;
    • a definition and a detailed structuring of the governance of the partnership. The quality and efficiency of the ties between the partners identified (industrialists,researchers,teachers) are the main criteria to receive the "mark";
    • projects in degrees to promote synergies in research and development and contribute to the creation of added value. The ultimate goal is indeed to improve the competitiveness and the European offer on international markets.

    The Young Innovative Companies
    The assignment of the new legal status of Young Innovative Enterprise allows to create a tax system more attractive to businesses that have less than eight years of life (defined as "young") and which are heavily involved in R&D. Regarding the conditions for obtaining this status, it is necessary that the capital belongs to individuals for a minimum of 75% and that the investment in R&D is not less than 15% of total costs. The device has two types of measures. The first, highly innovative,is exempting,for a period of eight years,from social security payments to the staff involved in R&D projects the second provides for exemption from local taxes,from the corporate tax,from surplus value and from other taxes.

    Tax Exemptions
    The new laws also provides tax advantages in favor of all the companies that innovate, regardless of size,of years of the life of the enterprise and of business sector. It lays down measures aimed specifically at projects of young innovative enterprises. These consist of exempting from tax on all investments in R&D,in the reduction of depreciation rates of investments,and in extension of the Tax Credit for Research,to all companies who invest large sums in R&D.

    Networks for Research and Technological Innovation
    The law provided for innovation finally the creation of Networks for Research and Technological Innovation (NRTI) with the aim of fostering collaboration between public and private research, jointly promoting the development of products and services in priority areas for business growth.

    Each network is managed by an Orientation Committee, consisting of representatives of the industrial and public research, with the task of defining priority actions and to examine the proposed projects.

    Its role is mainly directed to the emergence of collaborative projects on topics of priority interest. Calls for proposals and certified the best projects. The projects supported by the NRTI may be eligible for government funding covering up to 70% of total costs.

    Specifically, the Ministry of Economic Development has created NRTIs for four themes: National Network for Research in Telecommunications; National Network of Research on Micro and Nano-Technologies; the National Network on Software Technology and the Network of Research and Innovation on Audiovisual and Multimedia.

    Esamir National News Network  S2-310-hf-japan-ihkj_automobilproduktion

    Centres of Research and Higher Education
    The new laws introduced the PRHS (Poles of Research and Higher Education) and CRHE (Campus for Research and Higher Education), two instruments sharing of research between public and private organizations, territorial neighbors, with a view of improving the effectiveness and attractiveness of European higher education system.

    In particular, they are structures composed of several research organizations and/or institutions of higher education, public or private (including university hospitals) in which the different actors share financial instruments, personnel, laboratories, etc.. for the execution of a common research project. The research projects will receive strong government investments (amounting even to 90% of total costs), and have strong tax exemptions.

    The main objectives of these tools are strengthening partnerships with academic and research and development of research and higher education at the service of the Poles of Competitiveness.

    Thematic Network for Advanced Research - TNAR
    The TNAR are structures created through the new laws with the status of scientific foundations. Together several research institutes and higher education, public or private, and possibly even companies involved in one or more areas of research. Are intended to increase the critical mass and synergies between research units belonging to universities and research organizations with different but similar scientific objectives. Finally, links to increase the European visibility on the international scene.

    Advanced Technology Program
    The Advanced Technology Program is co-financing long-term projects of research and development conducted by individual companies or joint ventures led by cutting-edge companies. In particular, the grants are awarded to projects that carry a higher risk factor and in which the companies themselves, singularly and without proper bank, would be reluctant to invest.

    The Advanced Technology Program aims in particular to bridge the gap between research and market through partnerships with the private sector, investment in the initial phase made ​​possible through the Program to accelerate the development of technologies that promise high payoff commercial, not only in terms toutcourt of returns on investment, but also in a wider fallout nationwide.

    Small Business Innovation Research Program - SBIR
    Aware of the risk and the effort required to produce financial commitments of some significance in the field of research and development are in reality far beyond the means available to many small businesses, the Government seeks to assist that firm size investment in R&D.

    Through the provision of a specific percentage of federal funds for research and development in small businesses, the program dedicated to innovation for Small Business helps small firms, allowing them to get to deal with larger firms even in areas with respect to such as small size often tends to be exclusionary.

    The SBIR program funds the critical moments of the start-up and development and encourages the commercialization of a technology, a product or a service.

    Small Business Technology Transfer Program - STTR
    The primary purpose of the STTR program is the expansion of partnerships between public and private sectors to include, in programs for research and development projects funded with federal resources, joint ventures taking place between small businesses and major national research institutes. The STTR program reserves to such joint ventures in fact a specific percentage of public funding.

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    Chrysler Group Purchases GM As Part Of Government Boost

    Esamir National News Network  773707795489289282

    The Chrysler Motor Corporation today announced official plans to merge with the Irish born "General-Motors" to form under the new banner of the "Chrysler Group". This purchase comes in response to heightened fears of a looming economic collapse resulting in high pressure on the Chrysler Group to maintain a stable foothold incase the weight of the entire nations economy ends up on it's shoulders. The purchase has been made with advance capital from the NZ Government as part of it's financial backing for it's SOE's, and has been sanctioned towards the Chrysler Group International Initiative. The Aim of the initiative is to spread the groups footholds around the world while maintaining a base of central operations within the Social Democracy and running manufacturing and design within the social democracy until the economies automobile sector begins to saturate, excess is then diverted on to numerous other global economies. The purchase and upkeep of General-Motors will be the single largest overseas investment made not only by the Chrysler Group, but from the Social Democracy as a whole, with the purchasing raking in at just under $67 Billion NZD. As of now, General Motors will continue business as usual, but supply lines will be tweaked to work in tune with that of the Chrysler Group. For example parts will be supplied by MoPar instead of existing routes, and new models will include chassis and engine drivetrains from the Chrysler Groups own stores. However, while the Chrysler Group has guaranteed that assembly will remain in Ireland indefinitely into the foreseeable future, 40% or so of the actual manufacturing process will be done in factories stationed in New-Zealand. However, like Irish media had previously said, workers in General-Motors have been assured of their job safety and no mass redundancy plan is to go ahead. In fact, wages may be set to rise as General-Motors becomes a part of Chrysler's Global Group and thus takes on it's living wage policies. 

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    Tokugawan automakers rack up across-the-board profit growth

    All seven of Imperial Tokugawa's big automakers posted higher net profits for the April-June quarter, overcoming the initial blow from a Tokugawan sales tax hike and a loss of thrust from a weak yen.
    Their combined earnings rose 17% on the year to 1.01 trillion yen ($9.74 billion), topping 1 trillion yen in a single quarter for the first time.

    Toyota Motor led the pack with 587.7 billion yen, followed by Honda Motor at 146.5 billion yen and Nissan at 112.1 billion yen. Mitsubishi Motors brought up the rear at 28.1 billion yen. Gains ranged from 5% at Toyota all the way up to 800% at Mazda Motor.

    Toyota topped the revenue column at 6.39 trillion yen. Honda trailed at 2.98 trillion yen, followed by Nissan at 2.46 trillion yen.

    The automakers' strength flowed from developed markets, such as the New Tarajan., where historically low interest rates underpinned robust new-car sales. Nissan's Regional sales climbed 13%, while Subaru maker Fuji Heavy Industries' rose 6%. Mazda Motor saw growth of more than 20% in Europe, where auto sales are showing signs of life again.

    In Imperial Tokugawa, business had been expected to drop off after the september 1 consumption tax increase, which brought forward big-ticket spending. Five of the seven automakers did suffer sales declines. But the industry seems to have emerged from the first quarter relatively unscathed. Nissan's domestic sales fell only 0.5%. Honda Executive Vice President Tetsuo Iwamura called the impact of the tax hike "minimal." Honda's domestic unit sales actually rose in the quarter, thanks in part to the release of a new Fit. Suzuki also enjoyed volume growth at home.

    United States of Europe
    United States of Europe
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    Global Force

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    Post by United States of Europe on Sun Aug 17, 2014 9:41 pm


    New highly advanced technologies that will make Europe a safe place
    An integrated system of defense, which has brought new high-skilled jobs, growth for high-tech companies, the development of know-how

    Esamir National News Network  20130408_110057_defensa
    A battery of launch of the new missile defense system Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD)

    The new European missile defense system,named Ballistic Missile Defense System,officially came into operation this morning, with the activation of all the new radar systems (including satellite systems) and the strategic positioning of the defensive batteries, which cover the entire national territory.
    From now on this huge work, which required high billions of investments by the European Government and the private sector, which saw the participation of dozens of businesses and thousands of specialists, equipped with advanced technology,is ready to defend Europe against any air and missile threat.

    The system is composed of a series of technologically advanced radar and sensors based on land, at sea, placed on aircraft and ships, with the support of highly advanced new satellites. All integrated with a variety of fixed or mobile missile batteries, the result of an important technical advance, strategically placed on the ground, mounted on ships and aircraft.
    The coordination function is entitled to a number of operational centers, recently opened, equipped with sophisticated technologies, throughout the national territory.
    The management of this complex and expensive system is up to the Missile Defense Agency, the institution of the Ministry of Defense which is responsible for conducting research and testing of missile systems, in addition of course to manage the investment and the participation of companies and of various research institutions.

    In addition to the mere military strategy given that with this system of Europe may be declared completely safe from any kind of air or missile threat, and that the nation has expanded its military capabilities, there are important economic repercussions.
    The project, funded by billionaire investment, both public and private, was attended by dozens of companies, including SMEs, which have thus been able to expand and grow, expanding its technological expertise and know-how. It has also been possible to secure new jobs, many of which are highly specialized, and of course the expansion of the capacity of universities and research institutions that have participated in mass to the project. Soon the new technologies developed will certainly be transferred to the civilian sector, creating new major industrial and employment. Not just an expense only for military purposes in fact.

    It all started with the approval by the European Parliament of the National Missile Defense Act, which then led to new government investments in this sector, and ultimately the creation of the new defensive system. Here the fundamental purpose, taken from the text of the law:
    It is the policy of the United States of Europe to deploy as soon as is technologically possible an effective National Missile Defense system capable of defending the territory of the United States of Europe against limited ballistic missile attack (whether accidental, unauthorized, or deliberate) with funding subject to the annual authorization of appropriations and the annual appropriation of funds for National Missile Defense.

    But let's go to the operation of the system.

    SYSTEM COMPONENTS: Command & Control, Battle Management, and Communications Centers

    Esamir National News Network  Fort_meade_NSA_building_copyright%3Dnsa
    The operational headquarters of the Missile Defense Agency,in New Strasbourg

    The Command and Control, Battle Management, and Communications Centre (C2BMC)  is the integrating element of the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS). It is a vital operational system that enables the President of the Repubblic, the Minister of Defense and Combatant Commanders at strategic, regional and operational levels to systematically plan ballistic missile defense operations, to collectively see the battle develop, and to dynamically manage designated networked sensors and weapons systems to achieve global and regional mission objectives.

    C2BMC supports a layered missile defense capability that enables an optimized response to threats of all ranges in all phases of flight. C2BMC is the force multiplier that globally and regionally networks, integrates and synchronizes autonomous sensor and weapon systems and operations to optimize performance. C2BMC is an integral part of all system ground and flight tests which verify and exercise all current and future BMDS capabilities.
    Through its operational software and networks, the C2BMC program provides redundant connectivity and enables on-site operations and sustainment for global combatant commanders.

    C2BMC is an operating center equipped with sophisticated and highly advanced technologies, able to get in contact with all the components of the defense system in real time, monitor these components, and is able simultaneously to effectively manage in a overall manner the whole system. It has an extensive network of local operations centers, with the same operational capabilities,scattered throughout the national territory.

    SYSTEM COMPONENTS: Upgraded Early Warning Radars

    Esamir National News Network  Space-fence-construction-proposals-raytheon-lockheed-martin-space-junk-1
    One of the Upgraded Early Warning Radars

    The Upgraded Early Warning Radars are solid-state, phased-array, all-weather, long-range radars. They are scattered over the country, placed in strategic positions. They are able to detect objects within a range of over 3000 kilometers.

    The radars provides integrated tactical warning and attack assessment. These radars and provides alerts to the Combatant Commands estimated launch and impact points. They support the space surveillance network, classifing reentry vehicle and other space objects. They provide coverage for midcourse Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS), detect or sea-launched intercontinental ballistic missiles, Provide real-time information to BMDS command and control nodes. Moreover they provide threat ballistic missile tracking data to commit the launch of interceptors and to update the target tracks to the interceptor while the interceptor is in flight.


    Esamir National News Network  45a051c61fb2
    One of the COBRA DANE radars

    The COBRA DANE Radars are traveling wave tube fed phased-array,all-weather,long-range radars. They are able to detect objects within a range of over 2000 kilometers.

    The upgrades improved midcourse Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) sensor coverage by providing acquisition, tracking, object classification, and date That can be used for cueing, launch of interceptor missiles, and of course updates interceptors while retaining the site's legacy intelligence and track space missions. These structures cover the entire national territory, and are placed in strategic locations. The European Air Force is responsible for the COBRA DANE Radar system operations, maintenance, and sustainment.

    In particular the radars detect sea-launched or intercontinental ballistic missiles and classify reentry vehicle and other missile objects. Also provide real-time information to Fire Control and provide tracking of threat ballistic missiles sufficiently accurate to commit the launch of interceptors and to update the target tracks to the interceptor while the interceptor is in flight.

    SYSTEM COMPONENTS: Sea-Based X-Band Radar

    Esamir National News Network  X-band-radar

    The Sea-Based X-Band (SBX) radar acquires, tracks and discriminates the flight characteristics of ballistic missiles. The SBX provides an advanced capability to the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS), increasing the Missile Defense Agency’s ability to conduct operational and realistic testing of the BMDS,while providing an operational capability to the Combatant Commands. There are several examples strategically placed in the nation.

    The SBX is an advanced X-Band radar mounted on a mobile, semi-submersible platform that provides the BMDS with an extremely powerful and capable radar that can be positioned to cover any region of the globe. Its ocean- spanning mobility allows the radar to be repositioned as needed to support the various BMDS test scenarios.

    The vessel is based on a fifth-generation semi-submersible oil drilling platform. It is twin-hulled, self-propelled, and stable in high winds and turbulent sea conditions.

    Operationally, the SBX provides an advanced radar capability to obtain missile tracking information while an incoming threat missile is in flight, discriminates between the hostile missile warhead and any decoys, and provides that data to interceptor missiles so that they can successfully intercept and destroy the threat missile before it can reach its target.

    Larger than a football field, the main deck houses living quarters, workspaces, storage, power generation, bridge, and control rooms while providing the space and infrastructure necessary to support the radar antenna array, command control and communications suites, and an In-flight Interceptor Communication System Data Terminal which provides missile tracking and target discrimination data to interceptor missiles.

    SYSTEM COMPONENTS: Space Tracking and Surveillance System

    Esamir National News Network  090624-tw-stss-02

    The Missile Defense Agency operates the Space Tracking and Surveillance System (STSS). STSS constellation consists of 25 satellites orbiting at 1350 km, 58 degree inclination, with 120 minute orbital period.

    Using sensors capable of detecting visible and infrared light, STSS serves as the experimental space layer of the Ballistic Missile Defense System.The mission Objective is provide accurate tracks of midcourse re-entry vehicles to the shooter. The satellites boosting targets detected by acquisition sensor and continuously scans visible earth in short- wave infrared band and provide 3-D tracks reported to the Ballistic Missile Defense System.

    SYSTEM COMPONENTS: Army-Navy Transportable Radar Surveillance

    Esamir National News Network  Rtn_missile_defense_gal_01

    The Army Navy/Transportable Radar Surveillance and Control, or AN/TPY-2, is a transportable by truck,air,ship and rail X-band, high-resolution, phased- array radar designed specifically for ballistic missile defense. There are dozens of radar scattered strategically throughout the country.

    The AN/TPY-2 is capable of tracking all classes of ballistic missiles and identifying small objects at long distances. In the forward-based mode,this radar plays a vital role in the Ballistic Missile Defense System by acting as a forward based sensor for the system, detecting ballistic missiles early in their flight and providing precise tracking information for use by the system. Use of multiple sensors provides overlapping sensor coverage, expands the BMDS battle space, and complicates an enemy's ability to penetrate the defense system. In the terminal mode, the same radar provides surveillance, track, discrimination and fire control support for the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) weapon system.

    SYSTEM COMPONENTS: Aegis Missile Defense

    Esamir National News Network  55037

    Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) is the naval component of the Missile Defense Agency’s Ballistic Missile Defense System. Currently most of the fleet, in particular frigates,destroyers,submarines and cruisers, is equipped with this advanced system. The remaining ships should be updated in the coming months.

    The Aegis BMD ships patrol,detect and track ballistic missiles of all ranges,including intercontinental ballistic missiles,and report track data to the missile defense system. This capability shares tracking data to cue other missile defense sensors and provides fire control data to control centers and to the ground defense. The units are also able to directly engage the missile threats using the radar system.

    SYSTEM COMPONENTS: Gound Midcourse Missile Defense

    Esamir National News Network  -451e5323a705e0e7

    The Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) element of the Ballistic Missile Defense System provides Combatant Commanders the capability to engage and destroy limited intermediate and long range ballistic missile threats in space to protect the United States of Europe.

    Ground-based Midcourse Defense is composed of Ground-Based Interceptors and Ground Support & Fire Control Systems components.
    - The Ground-Based Interceptor is a multi-stage, solid fuel booster with an EKV payload. When launched, the booster carries the EKV toward the target’s predicted location in space. Once released from the booster, the EKV uses guidance data transmitted from Ground Support & Fire Control System components and on-board sensors to close with and destroy the target warhead. The impact is outside the Earth’s atmosphere using only the kinetic force of the direct collision to destroy the target warhead.
    - Ground Support & Fire Control Systems consist of redundant fire control nodes, interceptor launch facilities, and a communications network. GMD Fire Control (GFC) receives data from satellites and ground based radar sources, then uses that data to task and support the intercept of target warheads using Ground-Based Interceptors. The GFC also provides the Command & Control, Battle Management & Communications Centers element with data for situational awareness.
    There are dozens of launch sites strategically located in the national territory.

    SYSTEM COMPONENTS: PATRIOT Advanced Capability-3

    Esamir National News Network  RZ_1324626502_1

    The most mature hit-to-kill weapon system of the Ballistic Missile Defense System, the Patriot Weapon System using Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) missiles, is now operational and fielded by the European Army.

    Patriot Weapon System provides simultaneous air and missile defense capabilities as the Lower Tier element in defense of European deployed forces and allies. Works with THAAD to provide an integrated, overlapping defense against missile threats in the terminal phase of flight. Jointly, these systems engage the threat by forming a multi-tier theater defense against adversary missile threats using peer-to-peer engagement coordination, early warning track data, and battle management situational awareness. Contributes to the entire system’s situational awareness by transmitting precision cueing data to other theater elements while simultaneously protecting system assets against short-range ballistic missiles, large-caliber rockets, and air-breathing threats. For homeland defense, Patriot provides detection, track, and engagement of short-range ballistic missiles and cruise missiles. These engagements are further enhanced by networked remote sensors that supply early warning data to increase the probability of success.
    Patriot has added Upper-Tier Debris Mitigation capability to mitigate the excessive radar load and potential missile waste caused by debris from upper-tier intercepts.

    SYSTEM COMPONENTS: Terminal High Altitude Area Defense

    Esamir National News Network  Mfc-thaad-photo_t

    The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) element provides the Ballistic Missile Defense System with a globally transportable, rapidly deployable capability to intercept and destroy ballistic missiles inside or outside the atmosphere during their final, or terminal, phase of flight. Rapidly deployable by being globally transportable via air, land and sea.

    A THAAD Battery consist of four main components:
    -Launcher: Truck-mounted, highly-mobile, able to be stored; interceptors can be fired and rapidly reloaded.
    -Interceptors: Eight per launcher.
    -Radar: Army Navy/Transportable Radar Surveillance (AN/TPY-2) transportable X-band Radar in the world searches, tracks, and discriminates objects and provides updated tracking data to the interceptor.
    -Fire Control: Communication and data-management backbone; links THAAD components together; links THAAD to external Command and Control nodes and to the entire BMDS; plans and executes intercept solutions.

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    Post by Ireland on Mon Aug 18, 2014 4:44 am

    Rural Ireland:can she fix it?

    Esamir National News Network  Green-belt_2623294b

    Ann Phelan made a little bit of history when she was appointed the first Minister for Rural Affairs, last month. But she has a major job to do if she wants to make another piece of history by helping to halt rural decline.
    With a full title of Minister of State at the Departments of Agriculture, Food and Marine and Transport, Tourism and Sport with Special Responsibility for Rural Economic Development (implementation of the Cedra Report) and Rural Transport, the Labour politician has between now and March 2016 – if the Government sees out its term of office – to put her stamp on a plan to revive rural areas. She’s not the first to make the attempt, and the chances are that she won’t be the last.
    Plans to rescue rural Ireland have been produced for as long as people have called for the draining of the Shannon. But she is adamant that this time is different. “This is the first time that there has been a Minister for Rural Affairs,” she says. “I’m so excited that I have been given the opportunity to perhaps make a difference.”
    She will have her work cut out as people continue to deal with the fallout from the closure of rural Garda stations and the loss of local shops and services that can no longer compete with large shopping centres.

    But the politician from Graiguenamanagh, Co Kilkenny, says she is ideally placed to tackle these issues. “It’s what I’ve been about all my public-representative days,” she says. “Large urban areas like Dublin sometimes have the ability to drive their own economies. And now Dublin has moved ahead of everywhere else at a speed while parts of rural Ireland are still decimated by the downturn in the economy. They are languishing because of high unemployment and emigration.”
    Teagasc, the agriculture and food authority, says that nobody is in employment in a third of working-age households in small and medium-sized towns, and that poverty rates in small towns are twice those of cities. And, according to the Cedra report that Phelan’s job involves implementing – Cedra is the Commission for the Economic Development of Rural Areas – country areas outside the State’s five biggest cities have been hit hardest by job losses, with a rise in unemployment of 192 per cent, compared with 114 per cent in urban areas.
    Rural revival
    Phelan’s main role will be to oversee the implementation of Cedra’s 34 recommendations for encouraging a rural revival. Happily for her, appointing a Minister for Rural Affairs was one of them. But what of the other 33? Will they be implemented before the Government leaves office?

    Rise of Labour

    Esamir National News Network  320px-Irish_Labour_Party_Logo.svg
    In recent polls the Irish Labour Party has risen to an approval rating of 41% up from 2 months ago when they were only sitting at 25%. Many political experts believe that the Labour Party might gain control of the House of Commons and might host the next Permiership. Though the Conservative Party still sits at a 79% approval rating.
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    Post by Reisal on Mon Aug 18, 2014 12:26 pm

    Secretary of State Resigns

    Esamir National News Network  Viktor-orban_1623428c
         Citing "the Presidents failure to authorize the use of force against imperialistic nations", Talanzaar's chief Diplomat, Secretary of State Dennis Liber has resigned from his office, effective immediately. Before announcing his resignation, Secretary Liber summoned the press for a surprise press conference at the State Department. He arrived to a small group of journalists waiting for him, prepared to record  what they assumed to be an announcement of new actions against nations who were involved in the New Causcoid events. Instead, Secretary Liber arrived alone with prepared remarks. Right off the cuff, his anger and dissatisfaction with President Marko Davidovic was evident. "It is obvious that this President does not  know the best path forward for this nation - he is feckless and ineffective. Other nations have already announced sanctions, other have deployed forces, but this President has been all talk and no action." said Liber. The journalists were shocked, yet afterwards, some say they weren't surprised. Dennis Liber was a former senator who was notable for his calls for a more aggressive foreign policy and continued support for raising military spending. While the Conservative held control of the House of Representatives, he tabled 17 bills that would begin a multi billion dollar nuclear weapons research program, but Libertarians repeatedly struck down all attempts in the Senate. Secretary Liber was first appointed by fellow Conservative Prime Minister Otto in 2011, but with Liberal PM Mulroney in office, his eviction from the office was impending. Talanzaar's Semi-presidential system allows the PM and the President to be from different parties. Before leaving the press conference, Secretary Liber called Prime Minister Glenn Mulroney "weak" and "annoying" and pleaded with the people to make sure he does not get elected President in 2016.

    Esamir National News Network  090115_daschle_staff
    House Representative Michael O'Malley has been named the New Secretary of State by the PM

    The President immediately held a press conference of his own to fight back. Surprisingly, President Davidovic called Liber a "stupid man" and a "war mongering gorilla". Former Prime Minister Kedar Otto, who appointed Secretary Liber, condemn Liber's backlash. Prime Minister Glenn Mulroney received questions while arriving to Parliament, saying he "regretted PM Otto's decision of appointing him" and said that "he should've fired him earlier". President Davidovic and Fmr. PM Otto both commend Prime Minister Mulroney's choice of naming Michael O'Malley as the new Secretary of State. O'Malley has been a vocal critic of the Davidovic Presidency and is one of the longest serving members of congress.

    Prime Minister Announces Presidential Bid

    Esamir National News Network  RPxVF
    Unsurprisingly, Liberal Prime Minister Glenn Mulroney has formally announced his bid for the Presidency at a large gathering in his home state of Morven. Mulroney has been hinting at a Presidential run since 1997, but declined to run in 2000, 2004 , 2008 and 2012. It all started when the young Mulroney was elected Governor of Morven in 1996, where he quickly rose to the national spotlight. As Governor, he implemented a series of stricter gun laws, but also lower taxes and balanced 6 budgets. He was re-elected in 2000 in a landslide. In his lame duck session, he announced a run for the House of Representatives in his home district. He easily cruised to victory. In Congress, he rose to stardom once he drafted the bill that banned the  commercial sale of cigarettes. He was the star of the Liberal Party, which reached its record low in 2010. After the parties poor showing in 2012, Mulroney ran for the leadership and won. After that, he attempted to call an election, but was blocked by the Conservative Party's majority. He bypassed their majority when he called a motion of no confidence in May of 2014. The motion passed as the Conservative caucus was unaware of the vote and many of its members couldn't arrived to the capitol in time. Mulroney's popularity carried the party to 2nd place. After that, he announced a collation Government with the far left Social Democrats and with the help of some independents, formed a majority government. Mulroneys Presidential agenda is unclear but he has stated that he will make Talanzaar a regional leader in healthcare, green energy and education.

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    Post by New-Zealand on Wed Aug 20, 2014 10:08 pm

    Economy Stalling

    Esamir National News Network  Chrysler+CEO+Visits+Windsor+Assembly+Plant+leU1Lm6bZwdl

    The NZ Government is in serious damage control as one of the world's largest economies and global trading fronts prepares for a looming collapse. In the months since the long standing Socialist Coalition lost control of the Parliament, putting the balance of power in favour of the right leaning liberals, the previous government's monumentous reform plans with funding from New Tarajani loaners in the form of a large government debt, the liberals put a sharp stop to reforms, focussing instead on handling the nations crippling debt crisis. Over the past months the Socialists have rallied for the continuation of the reforms arguing that "We've gone to far to turn back and the only way through the storm is forward", this has mostly fallen on deaf ears and the parliament voted in favour of damage control. Now the nation braces for the incoming tidal wave of a catastrophic economic collapse that could set the social democracy back years and put a large dent in the framework of the global economy. Thankfully, the government has managed to secure the foothold for the Chrysler Group to remain the backbone of the economy and hopefully keep the automobile sector relatively unscathed thus ensuring minimal damage to the nations largest industry. This coupled with strong agricultural turnout, though commodity prices are falling, has permitted the government to console the population with promises of no welfare and social security cuts in the light of looming rises in unemployment. However, the crash of the NZ economy would not only harm the citizens of NZ, but the ripple it would send around the world with surely have large negative impacts on multiple global powers, likely starting a domino effect that could send the international community into a global recession.

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    Post by EX_nation on Thu Aug 21, 2014 3:09 am

    Tokugawa Holds a Military Drill

    Nagashino, Imperial Tokugawa (AP) — Imperial Tokugawa's military showcased its ability to defend country Tuesday, under new defense policies instituted by Prime Minister Park Geun Hye that have divided the nation.

    Esamir National News Network  Fd890eb2885b34205d0f6a7067001e9d

    The military began large-scale annual "Fire Power" exercises at the foot of Mt. Kitabatake aimed at repelling a hypothetical invasion of far-off tokugawan islands, defense officials said.

    Esamir National News Network  8db2249b88a936205d0f6a706700bcd9

    Fighter jets, attack helicopters and tanks, guided missile systems and artillery fired Tuesday at targets at the base of Mount Kitabatake, where soldiers demonstrated tactics to fight off foreign invaders.

    The live-fire exercises involve 2,300 troops, 20 aircraft and 80 tanks and armored vehicles, among other equipment.

    Tokugawa to Reopen it's Nuclear Facility

    The Parliament approves to Re-open the Nuclear Facilities that's be closed after the Tragedy caused by a Failure Test by the Imperial Military accidentally Drops at Heavily Populated Area in Ise that kills millions of peoples instantly.
    Esamir National News Network  Anti-nuclear-power-rally-008
    Tokugawa protesters held an anti-nuclear power rally as the prime minister gave his speech calling for the re-opening of the facilities.

    Tokugawa's leader has appealed to the nation to accept that two nuclear reactors that remained shuttered after the Failure Test disaster must be restarted to protect the country and people's livelihoods.

    International Diplomats strongly condemns about the Re-Opening of the Nuclear Facilities feared to cause another massive devastation to the people's lives.

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    Post by Vajorr on Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:09 am

    Monterrey Times

    Starfrost Freezes the Musical Competition

    Esamir National News Network  7224602270851936230766
    (left to right) Thomas Shenford, Patrick Ford, Christopher Dillard, and Chen Milford

    Monterrey, Planitan Capital Territory
    Shining out of the gloom of obscurity and onto the stage of stardom, the Planitan band Starfrost made a stellar debut last week with its opening album Soar. Composing of 10 songs to a total of 41 minutes, the new alternative rock band’s label was a commercial success. A reviewer from a local magazine called the album “one of remarkable emotions and airs a feeling of knowledge, despite the band being so new. A music rating site called it “extremely uplifting” and the use of classic guitars completed their “wonderful” songs. The people of Planita have apparently agreed with the critics as the album quickly became Number 1 in the Federation. Talk of a Diamond Award for the album is in has been rumored but not confirmed. However, even with all their fame, the band is still rather new. So who is Starfrost?

    The band is apparently a perfect mix of the Federation ethnic and cultural melting pot even they are often confused for Korrians. The four members are either from mixed families or has a relative that is from another ethnic group. Christopher or Chris, the lead singer and bandleader, is half Korrian and Foraia himself. When asked about this biracial heritage, he shrugged it off saying, “It never really bothered me.” The other members Thomas Shenford, Patrick Ford, and Chen Milford have the same attitude.

    They all met in 1994 when they attended Corfair University in Liberia and they became fast friends. Christopher proposed creating a band in 1996 and since they all had experience in musical talent, they all agreed. After playing around local joints, the band applied for a 5 year contract with music labeling company Music United. After several EPs the band decided to record it’s first album. After considering many names, Soar was chosen and the rest is history.
    Mitchell Huong Monterrey, Planita
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    Post by Reisal on Fri Aug 22, 2014 1:37 pm

    Growing Terrorist Threat In Talanzaar

    Esamir National News Network  10131926

    The United States of Talanzaar's Counter-Terrorism Committee is a group that works to prevent terrorist acts both within their borders and across regions by lobbying for policy and advising governments. The group is held in high regard after it was credited in foiling a large-scale terrorist plot in 2005, which makes its latest annual report very alarming. The group released a report to the media yesterday, saying that the terrorist threat in Talanzaar was "the highest ever" for a number of reasons. The main reason was the Uihotu Liberation Front. The Uihotu Liberation Front (more commonly known as ULF) is a separatist and Marxist-Leninist paramilitary group in the State of Uihotu (pronounced You-E-O-To). Founded in the early 1920s, it militantly supported the Uihotu sovereignty movement, which began after the State joined the union in 1920. It was initially low key but became very active between 1930 and 1941, and was regarded as a terrorist organization for its violent methods of action, which included taking hostages, suicide bombings and mass murders in the areas of Uihotu that are considered "Pro-Talanzaar". It was responsible for over 200 violent incidents which killed 300 people and injured many more, including the bombing of the Talanzaarian Stock Exchange in 1934. After its leader was successfully assassinated in a governmental operation in 1941 (the governments role was not revealed to the public until 2011), the group was considered disbanded. But things changed in 2010, when the first pro-separatist Governor of Uihotu, Ward Tobias was elected.

    Esamir National News Network  Sanader3
    Ward Tobias, Governor of Uihotu (2010 - Present)

    The Governors message during the campaign was clear: vote for me if you want a country. Tobias's campaign knew it was the winning message: polls showed that the majority of Uihotuians blamed the financial downturn on the federal government, not the state government and that a overwhelming majority were fed up with the direction of the Government. Governor Tobias, who was a very successful CEO before he became Governor, called on Uihotuians to forget about Talanzaar and strive for a future better than the rest of the nation. He clearly advocated for sovereignty and many unhappy voters were open to the idea. Incumbent President Marko Davidovic, who was not incredibly popular at the time, campaigned for the Governors opponent, but it was in vain. Tobias won with 61% of the vote, while his opponent captured 39%. Many historians said that this was a major blow to the nation as a whole and said that national pride was at an all time low. Fresh off his election, Governor Tobias highlighted his plans for Uihotu's future. He started by abusing states rights -- banning same-sex marriage, making all abortion illegal and implementing a series of anti-drugs laws. Members of his Government have been arrested after evidence was found that state funds were being used to fund the ULF, but Governor Tobias said he was not involved. Governor Tobias was hit by a series of lawsuits and indictments, but many cases have not been heard yet because of the states slow moving legal system. He managed to survive his 4 year term and announced his bid for re-election.

    Esamir National News Network  Action-plans-for-jobs-reports-296x197
    President Davidovic has taken most of the blame for Uihotu's situtation

    Pundits said Governor Tobias was too extreme and instantly called the race for his oppenent. But Tobias is competitive because of his weak opponent and taking credit for the economy's rebound, even though many credited it to the Presidents policies.  "I can promise you that we will have a referendum as soon as possible and we will be a nation before my term ends!" proclaimed Tobias on election night. Although there is no official way for a state to separate, Gov. Tobias said he would first establish an army, establish borders, create a self sustaining economy, destroy any foreign presence and take any military equipment left behind by Talanzaar, a plan that may cause bloodshed in the near future if he is re-elected. The Counter-Terrorism Committee said Governor Tobias's insiders continue to fund the ULF, which has released videos of them training with expensive weapons and some are even in possession of fighter jets. Government military bases in Uihotu have the highest number of soldiers as the military purposely builds up its presences there. But many are criticizing newly-elected PM Glenn Mulroney, who has passed a bill that cuts the defense budget, making it harder for the government to act against the Governor.  Governor Tobias has announced that most of his plans will begin to come into effect in the following weeks if he is re-elected --- will this mean civil war for Talanzaar?Or will the President triumph against the crazed Governor? Only time will tell. -- Okriana Press

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    Post by Ireland on Sun Aug 24, 2014 1:59 am

    Ebola Outbreak in County Donegal

    Esamir National News Network  _77102775_letterkenny

    It is understood the man's body was brought to Letterkenny General Hospital on Thursday. He had suffered what are described as Ebola-like symptoms.

    The HSE said that test results are expected on Friday.

    The man, originally from the Mountcharles area, near Donegal town, is said to have been in his 40s.

    In a statement, the HSE said: "The public health department was made aware earlier (on Thursday) of the remains of an individual, discovered early this morning, it us unknown how he contracted the disease."

    "The appropriate national guidelines, in line with international best practice, are being followed by the public health team dealing with the situation."

    The HSE said the body had been isolated to minimise the potential spread of any possible virus.

    Low risk
    "Blood samples have been sent for laboratory testing to confirm whether or not this individual had contracted Ebola virus disease," the statement added.
    "Until a diagnosis is confirmed, and as a precautionary measure, the individual's remains will stay in the mortuary pending the laboratory results which are expected late (on Friday)."

    The post-mortem room at the hospital will remain sealed-off for up to 18 hours.

    Dr Darina O'Flanagan, head of the HSE health protection surveillance centre, said: "In general, the risk of contracting Ebola virus disease is extremely low and would involve very close personal contact with the infected individual or their body fluids for there to be any risk at all.

    "We await the outcome of the laboratory tests before we will know whether or not this individual had contracted Ebola virus disease. The appropriate public health guidelines are being followed at every stage in this process as a precaution."

    The mayor of Letterkenny, councillor Michael McBride, said his thoughts were with the man's family.

    He said: "Our condolences go out to the family of the deceased. We hope the results will come back negative regarding the Ebola virus."

    Will there be Another Abortion Referendum?

    Esamir National News Network  Image
    Not under the current Government, although the question will linger in public debate. In spite of the difficulties presented by the latest abortion controversy, there is simply no appetite in the Coalition to revisit the issue before the next general election.
    The election must be held by the spring of 2016, further reinforcing the sense in political circles that the question is far too toxic to confront as the Government heads into the final phase of its mandate.
    The current case surfaced last weekend. A young woman who said she was suicidal due to pregnancy after rape was refused an abortion by an expert panel set up under a contentious new law which was enacted last year to implement the X-case ruling of the Supreme Court in 1992.
    Political sensitivity
    The fact that 21 years passed before legislation was introduced illustrates the political sensitivity of these matters.
    The Health Service Executive has called for a report to establish the facts of the present case, the exact sequence of events and “any learnings” that can be gleaned from it. Terms of reference for the inquiry were published yesterday.

    Minister for Health Leo Varadkar will provide an update to the Cabinet on September 3rd, when it meets for the first time after the summer break.
    Divisive legislation
    At issue is the care given to the woman, whose baby was delivered this month by Caesarean section at 25 weeks gestation. This turns on the operation of the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act 2013, the most divisive legislation introduced by the Government since it took power.
    A rebellion in the Conservative Party over the law led to the loss of several MP's.
    Other Conservative Members figures had wavered before voting for the legislation. Prime Minister Enda Kenny overcame this challenge to his authority, but he would not relish another battle over abortion.
    The HSE report is awaited. Yet the case has already led to fresh calls for another referendum. These have come from the Labour wing of the Coalition, as well as from eminent doctors and campaigners.
    The demands vary, from outright repeal of the constitutional ban on abortion to the insertion of provisions dealing with fatal foetal abnormalities, rape and incest.
    Still, Labour has signalled quite strongly that it is not going to press for a plebiscite within the lifetime of the current administration. There appears, therefore, to be little prospect of conflict with the Conservatives on the referendum question.
    This is the realpolitik right now. The argument is made that the Coalition has no mandate to propose a vote, but governments routinely take action without a direct mandate when they see fit.

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    Post by Arveyres on Mon Aug 25, 2014 1:05 pm


    Esamir National News Network  180px-Spanish_jewellery-Gold_and_emerald_pendant_at_VAM-01

    A picture of the Pendant of Queen Maxine
    A 516-year old pendant was discovered beneath the floorboards of an old house of an Albioncourtois Noble Family in Paris. The house had previously been the house of the royal family during the Palar Government. It was rumored to have been hidden by Queen Maxine after an unsuccessful rebellion. Adrina Lapau recenty discovered the gold and Cithari-gold pendant in the study of her room.
    Esamir National News Network  3KyIlWO

    The Drawing Room of Maxine, also later called the Study of the home.
    The pendant was passed down through the Pahlavi family until it's disappearance in 1879. The pendant currently has an estimated value of £5 million. It was returned back to Lady Narendra, who put it alongside the other Royal Jewels of Albioncourt in an undisclosed location in the Virgin Palace. Adrina was adorned with the Order of Maxine by the Lady Matriarch.
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    Post by Reisal on Thu Aug 28, 2014 9:22 am

    Governor Authorizes Referendum
    Esamir National News Network  Ivo%20sanader5
    In a grand speech, complete with photo-ops, orchestras and beautiful scenery, the separatist Governor of Uihotu, Ward Tobias, signed a law that declared that an referendum on sovereignty would be held the same day he is up for re-election in a week or so. Tobias announced the referendum to a large crowd outside Uihotu's state capitol, signing the law in front of thousands of cheering supports, waving flags of terrorist organizations. Not to far from the Governors large reception, a pro-Talanzaar rally was held. Governor Tobias used his power as Commander-in-Chief of the State Troopers to put tanks and armored vechiles all over downtown Uihotu City, causing many people to stay indoors in fear. But President Davidovic ordered drones to monitor the area. His administration said that they are very aware of the growing separatist movement and promised they will fail.

    Governor Tobias is legally allowed to call a referendum, but he did not ask the state house or senate to vote on the matter, highlighting his increasingly authoritarian tendencies. If people vote in favour of the referendum, the senate and the congress ultimately decide whether or not they get to leave the union of 32 states. The Conservative and Liberal Party have both said that they would vote against that proposition. Those two parties together control a majority of both houses. But the smaller Libertarian Party, which Uihotuians voted overwhelming for, said that they would vote with the people, even if it doesn't make a difference. The President also has to sign off on a independence vote but President Davidovic has been at the forefront of the "no" campaign. Already, Senators, Governors and Former Presidents have been campaigning in Uihotu, urging voters to reject sovereignty.

    Prime Minister Blames President
    Esamir National News Network  Ap_bob_mcdonnell_ll_120404_wb
    As Governor Tobias calls a referendum, Prime Minister Glenn Mulroney blamed the President for "not doing enough" to stop the sovereignty movement. "This President has been sitting on the sidelines ever since Governor Tobias was elected in 2010. He has paid no attention to that state and unless he wants them separating, he better dress their problems. And before (the media) say that I should be doing more, I've been campaigning for the "no" side since I was elected in June! The President has been playing golf and flying around the world, its crazy!" said Mulroney.

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    Post by Marquette on Fri Aug 29, 2014 4:20 am

    News from Marquette: Economy minister Filipe Giovenazzo criticizes 35-hour work week, pushes for reform; corruption trial of MP Ciavarella expected to start in 2015; pollution becomes bigger problem in Mazzacara; MIA +1.5%, 500MS -0.2%, MSIA +0.8%

    35-hour work-week under question by Minister of the Economy
    Esamir National News Network  Emmanuel-macron-wirtschaftsminister
    Besançon, Marquette (MINA) - Marquette's Minister of the Economy, Filipe Giovenazzo, has criticized Marquette's 35-hour work week, a measure that was passed by the ORG party in 1998 to prevent unemployment by forcing companies to hire more employees. Chancellor Joseph Charpentier, elected in 2013, has already enacted several economical reforms to help Marquette get back in the lead in the international economy, and the economy has slowly been growing at a rate of 1.2% per year. However, Mr. Giovenazzo believes that the 35-hour work week, while it has reduced unemployment somewhat since it was enacted, is only detrimental to the nation's economy.

    "The 35-hour work week causes businesses has proven that, while it has slightly decreased unemployment rates since 1998, it is only causing Marquetien businesses to lose money, and with an already low unemployment rate of 4.2%, it is absolutely unnecessary."

    Members of the ORG have already begun drafting a bill to nullify the maximum 35-hour work week bill, but it could take several years for it to get all the way through the Marquetien legislation system, which is internationally infamous for its inefficiency and complicated structure.

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