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    National Vehicles Requests and Contests

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    National Vehicles Requests and Contests Empty National Vehicles Requests and Contests

    Post by New Tarajan on Sun Jun 05, 2016 2:19 am


    The purpose of this thread of very simple: like real-world countries, here you can submit requests for vehicles or other kind of products that your military (or maybe civilian branches of your government) may need.
    Then, all those willing to participate could submit their proposals. The "customer" will then pick up his choice from the different proposals.

    I would suggest to follow few rules:

    1) Make one contest at a time;

    2) Make a maximum of two proposals per country (from different companies, of course);

    3) Make a news about the steps of the contests (opening and ending process, but also about the middle of it, if you wish so);

    But more importantly....have fun!

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