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    Eindhoven Aerospace Consortium

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    Eindhoven Aerospace Consortium Empty Eindhoven Aerospace Consortium

    Post by New Tarajan on Sun Jun 05, 2016 2:02 am



    Welcome to the Eindhoven Aerospace Consortium.
    The EAC was founded in 1992 by the leading aerospace companies of New Tarajan, with the goal of increasing cooperation and collaboration, particularly in the export market. Since then, the members of the EAC achieved many successes, both inside New Tarajan and abroad, and in both the civilian and military sectors.

    The members of the Consortium actually are:

    - Amjad-Heemskerk Aeronautics and Defense

    - Van Peeuw Aerospace Engineering and Design

    - Saab

    - Agusta-Westland Helicopters

    - Anaheim Electronics

    Please, feel free to check our shop list to see how the EAC can satisfy all needs of your own aerospace.

    OOC: Since I cannot submit the full list of products of the EAC members, the procedure will be the following one: make a post about the needs of your country, then the EAC will make a proposal of one or more vehicles which could satisfy the expressed need.

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