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    Post by Zackalantis on Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:49 am


    Two major religious groups in the UKZ, the Rohtanganistines and the Hindus begin the celebrations of Levi Day and Diwali respectively.

    Prime Minister's Office lit up of Diwali and Levi Day


    Independent Country of New Viscos, seat of the head of the Roghtanganistines

    Levi Day celebrates the crowning of the son of Rohtang as the God of the Sun. Levi came down to earth to fight the demon who destroyed the old sun and 20 days after his victory he takes his role as the Ferrier of the new sun every year. The new sun is believed to be empowered by the life of Rohtang and as such the light from the sun on Levi Day morning will be used to renew the holy flame which was extinguished at the beginning of Victory Days (9 days before Levi's victory over the demon).

    Rohtanganistines believe that this flame is the embodiment of Goddess Rohtang and will be central to all worship services in the coming year until its time for its extinguishing next year.

    The celebrations begin at 12 am where the temples are opened for people to come in offer offerings and burnt sacrifices in the form of incense and fragrant oils, till 6 am when the temples will celebrate its first, morning service in 29 days.

    Holy flame is often distributed to the faithful in the form of charred wood or embers who keep the same lit in their homes throughout this festive season. Some temples ignite the tops of tall pillars with this holy flame throughout the festive season of 5 days.


    people placing oil lamps (diyas) near their rangolis

    Diwali is the most important Hindu festival, it celebrates the return of Lord Ram from his exile to his kingdom of Ayodhya, after rescuing his wife Sita from the clutches of the Demon King of Lanka (or Ceylon) called Ravan.
    The festival is considered the festival of lights and goes on for 5 days, each day is dedicated to a unique form of celebration.

    Fireworks, oil lamps, rangolis and sweets are all a part of the celebrations which comes with a three day shut down of the government offices and of banks.

    The Prime Minister and Her Majesty The Queen wished all Zacks and people across the Commonwealth a very happy Levi Day and a Shubh Deepawali!


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    Re: Esamir National News Network

    Post by Chackle on Tue Oct 24, 2017 4:34 pm

    Chacklean Economy see's slow growth according to the last months statistics

    According to Chackle's latest GDP statistics the nation's economy has seen a very slow growth within the last couple of months, with the recent oil industrial boom the country has seen it slow down dramatically as it was growing by nearly 15% last month, that dropped to 6.7% in recent studies. Chackle's automotive industry is the largest sector in the nation's industrial sector as it holds nearly 16% of the countries GDP, recent stats show the it has declined by .7% and experts predict that it could soon crash having devestating effects on the country. Chackle's economy still looks very stable and healthy but could still possibly start declining if the market doesn't start seeing any positive signs of prosperity. Although the nation's monthly GDP growth is still a stable 3.2% it has dropped a devestating 5.3%, from 8.5%. King Comrac stated that he would try to slow down the obvious crash that is soon to occur if the market doesn't soon start healing by investing into other sectors to expand the nations economy.

    In a more positive sense, the country has seen its agriculture sector grow by 5.6% which is up from -1.2%, this is mostly because of the tobacco industry booming and nearly tripling profits from last year. Although this is good for the economy it is not so good for the countries health. A doctor from Fyresk stated that Chackle's smoking population has grown by nearly 350 million people in 5 years, with the average age of smokers being 24.6 years old 5 years ago and is now 21.1 years old as of now. This has resulted in a 40% increase in smoke related deaths.

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    Post by Zackalantis on Tue Nov 07, 2017 4:12 pm


    The Zack Parliament will convene from the 9th of November to the 22nd of December 2017 for the Winter Session of parliament. This parliament session is the first since the incumbent government completed 1 year in office and signals the countdown for the Commonwealth Council (Upper House) elections.

    The government is geared up to face a scathing attack from the opposition benches on the what is building up to be the largest unemployment crisis the country has faced since the end of the second world war. The government, however, has not announced any key legislation to be passed in this session which is also the shortest session of the Parliament year.

    The Royal Decrees that award reservation for women and other economically and socially backward classes will face the test of parliament along with the Conservatives push to decrease welfare spending (one of the highest in the world).

    This is session will also be closely monitored by the international community as the UKZ stands at a turning point of its economy where it is either destined for a rapid rise or a great fall. Furthermore, the questions of visas on arrival for Arveryans will also be discussed as several questions have been asked about it to the Foreign Minister, The government stands firm in its policy to not revoke the same however we are yet to see if the government might buckle under the opposition pressure.

    The session ends on the 22nd of December with a joint session to review the calendar year 2017 and the official Season's Greetings to members by the Provost of Cair Paravel (Queen's Representative to the Constitutional Government) in the Central Hall of Parliament and adjournment of the session. Also, a Christmas Carol Concert in The Provost's Residence (Rashtrapati Bhavan).
    Parliament will once again convene for the Budget Session 2018.

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    Post by Federation of Antanares on Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:24 am


    Election year for main cities around the country

    It is arrived the end for the mandate of the mayor of the main cities around the Federation. At the end of the month, are expected to be held the election in Velikogovolka, Sessadraina, Javor, Ilium and Cape Wolf, probably the most important cities around the entire Antanares. With a strict majority in the main chamber of the parliament, the Bruma, the Loyalist Party, the main supporter of the new politics enacted from His Highness, is expected to gain majority around all the five cities.
    Despite all the exit polls support that probability, there are some clouds in the horizon. Alexander Bresliv, runner for the seat in Palace Novimberga (house of the Velikogovolka's government) and member of the Doliravash Party, left-wing extremists, is the second in the main polls but, some voices murmur, could easily became the next mayor of the city if his good campaign continue that way. It is not the first time that Doliravash, probably one of the most ancient party of Antanares, arrives near the government of a local position. Despite the fact that it remains always outside the national office, as the Bruma, it obtains consistent result in the local elections. Ten years ago or two mandates ago, Doliravash was able to obtain a majority of seats in the City's Parliament of Javor, mostly entering in conflict with the Loyalist's Party and creating a series of disastrous situation that leaved Javor in a real bad shape, compared to the other regional's capitals. Now, all the analysts observe with attention the current election, with an eye in particular for Velikogovolka and Cape Wolf.

    Is it not a country for tourists?

    In spite of the general good stability of the economy of the country, the tourist's sector is encountering some difficulties. It is difficult to understand why this sector is in crisis. Some experts suggest that is probably fault of a lack of interest of the government in the sector, despite a good numbers of tourists, in the order of millions, visit regularly the nation, with a particular interest in the east coast and in the region of Sessadraina. In the last years, anyway, the government was more interested in invest billions of Jedaros in different sectors, as the technological one and the military, with good results but, in this way, leaving an economical sector, as the touristic one, really alone in the hands of the private.
    Most of the public's work, in that matter, was headed in the field of the regulations and the laws about the traffic, the arrivals and the construction of new structures without a real set of public's policies to determine a real change.
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    Post by Achaian Morea on Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:05 pm

    Bombs Explode in Chrysopolis
    Montferrati Chamberlain Brawn to Visit Achaian Outpost to Quell Akakian “Uprising”

    Riesa, Montferrat: At least 20 people are dead and over 30 wounded after an explosive device ripped through a marketplace in the city of Chrysopolis, the recently-founded capital of Achaian Oriento. Local police forces, seconded by Achaian military detachments, are investigating the possibility of Achaian Church involvement, and specifically that of the faction associated with the former primate of the Church, Akakios Doukas. The former Bishop of Mystras and his associates have previously claimed Oriento as a “new Achaian homeland” as opposed to Morea, where Sultana Aikaterini II Baumbach-Kallergis has declared Akakios a criminal and a traitor to the Sultanate. Chrysopolis was founded on the Sultana’s orders as a power base for Achaians and immigrants loyal to the Sultana’s government in Nafplio, in order to contest the influence of Doukas, his faction of clerics, and a number of Achaians from Morea who have migrated to Oriento to support the former bishop there.

    In response to this most recent attack, Nafplio has announced an increase in military deployments to the area, as well as sending a personal representative of the Sultana to maintain order to the best of his ability. Interestingly, however, the named representative was Richard Brawn, Chamberlain of Baumbach House in Riesa and a prominent official in the government of the Duchy of Montferrat, whose association with Sultana Aikaterini stems from her position as Duchess-Consort to Duke Nico II Baumbach of Montferrat. According to the announcement from the Sultana’s household, the presence of a Montferrati official in Chrysopolis is intended to maintain discipline among the soldiers already deployed to Oriento, many of whom are Makarian troops from Montferrat who are also serving Sultana Aikaterini in her position as Duchess and who technically serve under the Duchy’s authority. However, some political analysts are suggesting that Montferrat is again establishing its authority in the Morean-Montferrati partnership, and possibly that Duke Nico is exercising his own power over his wife Sultana Aikaterini while she remains in seclusion in the wake of the birth of Prince Ioannis Baumbach-Kallergis, heir to both the Duchy and the Sultanate.

    In a prepared statement, Chamberlain Brawn expressed his appreciation of Sultana Aikaterini’s confidence in his ability to pacify Oriento and bring Akakios Doukas to justice. “There is nowhere on that continent that such a disgraceful individual could possibly hide,” Brawn said. “His days of freely attacking his rightful overlords are numbered—and he knows it. This attack, and any other like it, mark the beginning of a very desperate end for him.”

    Duke Nico of Montferrat could not be reached for comment. On his behalf, Duke’s Minister David Augustin said, “The Duchy will miss Chamberlain Brawn’s efforts for a time, but we are all grateful that his work for the Sultanate of Morea will ultimately benefit Montferrat no less.”


    Nafplio Rejects Zack Cultural Organization’s Request to Operate in Morea

    Eurasian Revelations “Old News in a Literal Sense,” Dismiss Military Leaders

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